Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos: Google Settles $100 Million Lawsuit?

Jennifer Lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos: Google Settles $100 Million Lawsuit?

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 Marty Singer, the attorney representing the celebrities whose nude photoes were hacked from their iCloud accounts, threatens Google for $100 million lawsuit. The "nude photos stolen episode" happened on late August.

In a letter, the attorney criticized Goole's role in the shocking incident, calling Google irresponsible and reprehensible. 

"Google's despicable, reprehensible conduct in not only failing to act expeditiously and responsibly to remove the Images, but in knowingly accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating the unlawful conduct," he wrote in the letter. "Google's 'Don't be evil' motto is a sham," he added. 

The lawyer understands that even thought Google was not behind the hacking, it indirectly played a role by allowing the pictures to proliferate and not by removing the offensive pictures from the system so that people cannot surf them anymore.

"Google, one of the largest ISPs in the world, with vast resources and a huge support staff, generating multimillions of dollars in revenues on a daily basis, has recklessly allowed these blatant violations to continue in conscious disregard of our clients' rights."

The lawyer even made comparisons between the A-list celebrity victims and Google's female relatives to make his point.

"If your wives, daughters or relatives were the victims of such blatant violations of basic human rights, surely you would take appropriate action," states the letter.  "But because the victims are celebrities with valuable publicity rights, you do nothing - - nothing but collect millions of dollars in advertising revenue from your co-conspirator advertising partners as you seek to capitalize on this scandal rather than quash it. Like the NFL, which turned a blind eye while its players assaulted and victimized women and children, Google has turned a blind eye while its sites repeatedly exploit and victimize these women."

The letter also says that Google has the responsibility in the leaking of the nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer LawrenceKate UptonRihannaArianna Grande and others because it accommodated offending images in YouTube and BlogSpot by the users, Hollywood Reporter reports.

Google had already responded to the letter, claiming it has done what it could to minimize the spread of the scandalous pictures. "We've removed tens of thousands of pictures, within hours of the requests being made, and we have closed hundreds of accounts. The Internet is used for many good things.  Stealing people's private photos is not one of them," a spokesperson from the Google said. 



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