'Arrow Season 3' Episode 1 Review: The Calm, One Character Dies

"Arrow" Season 3

'Arrow Season 3' Episode 1 Review: The Calm, One Character Dies 

It's not fun seeing that all the predictions you've made in the past play out on screen, but in "Arrow Season 3" episode 1 something that seemed inevitable happened. What is it? Sara, The Canary, is dead.

The thing is, that was just a small part of the 1st episode of the season. That means next week, you should expect for more, make sure you have tissues beside you.

In the premiere of the third season of "Arrow, we had before us an Oliver who was forgiven by the city that he fought valiantly to save. He was an Oliver who was seriously weighing a future where he could be both man and hero at the same time.

Felicity has never been a woman to open up fully. A broken heart doesn't appeal to her any more than it does to Oliver. But this Oliver was different now.

The new self-appointed Count Vertigo added some extras in the latest batch. In some way or another, it requires you to face your greatest fears. Vertigo tracked Arrow to the restaurant. Rockets went off on Oliver's date with Felicity, but not in a good way. It was enough to shake Oliver's foundation. Why is that? Well, who wasn't shaken up when they saw Felicity covered in blood?

Now, for a lot of "Arrow" fans, the greatest part of the episode was the promise of Olicity. The tandem has become a cause of excitement to the fans even if it has small scenes in the series, and "The Calmdid a good job of balancing the two. Oliver goes on a date with Felicity, what else? Yes, they kiss.

Although in the last season, the writers of the show is pushing the Oliver and Laurel tandem, now it's easy for them that its one of the highlight of the episode now, a part that the fans are waiting for.

Maybe some of the fans are not yet moved on with the last season but putting this very sweet moment of Oliver and Felicity in the premiere episode, maybe a little bad decision because it caught everyone with their guard down, it's like a shock to everyone.

In one way or another, they wasted some developments for other characters in the series, that maybe the greater portion of the fans are waiting for to see.

There are alot of things to look forward to and they said that there are lots of incoming characters to wait up, so stay tuned.

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