iPhone 7 rumors: After iPhone 6, Comes the 7th on June 2015

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 rumors: After iPhone 6, Comes the 7th on  June 2015

Just after successfully launching the popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are already rumors that Apple is working on the Phone 7. The rumors say that the iPhone 7 will be released next year in June 2015. Other additional and new features are also rumored along with the release date.

It is said that the iPhone 7 will finally have gesture control. The gesture control gives the user the capability to use the iPhone without having to touch it. The technology isn't new to smartphones however. Samsung Galaxy S5 already features the said technology.

The display screen panel of the rumored iPhone 7 is also expected to be larger. The screen is rumored to be using a Sapphire display, the same screen technology used in the wearable Apple products. The screen may also be powered by IGZO, a technology first used in TFT panel displays and recently used in Sharp LCD televisions back in 2012. The size is also rumored to be bigger. A 5.7 inch display screen is speculated, along with the rumors that there will be almost no bezel.

The iPhone 7 camera is expected to be boosted from to 8 mega pixels to a higher camera mega pixel number. Amidst the iPhone 6 bending controversy, the iPhone 7 is also expected to pack an aluminum body and a longer battery up time as well.

Aside from the already vague rumors, there are also outrageous ones as well. One rumor speculated that the iPhone 7 can be charged using solar power. Another rumor suggested that the iPhone 7 will also be 100 percent water proof. Another rumor, and so far this is the most unbelievable and unlikely to happen, is that the iPhone 7 will be able to project holograms.

There is still no available announcement from Apple regarding the iPhone 7.


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