Entourage Movie News and Updates: Emmanuel Chiriqui and Hayley Joel Osment Spilled Some Juicy Spoilers

Entourage Movie

Entourage Movie News and Updates: Emmanuel Chiriqui and Hayley Joel Osment Spilled Some Juicy Spoilers

Looks like the road to Entourage movie is all green. Some spoilers have been shared by the cast on what to expect with the upcoming TV-turned-movie ensemble.

First off, Entourage cast Emmanuel Chiriqui, spilled the beans on what her character, Sloan will be like. During her recent interview with Yahoo Movies, "This is what I think I know: I will be pregnant in the movie," she hinted. "Like, I won't have had the child,"

In another interview with ETC Canada, she explained, "Sloan is pregnant. She's eight months in the movie, that's where we pick up." Chriqui revealed, "So there's been a lag of eight months."

Chiriqui had been quite in the gossip mood these days with all the left and right interviews regarding the movie.

In a Today interview, she gushes on her excitement working with her castmates again, "It was amazing! It was like coming home to family. ... After three years being off the air, we just resumed as though we were all together yesterday. It was so fun."

The Entourage movie plot, according to Kpopstarz, will pick up 6 months after the last episode.

Meanwhile, The Sixth Sense star, Hayley Joel Osment, who will also star as Billy Bob Thornton's son, had this thing to say, according to Huffinton Post, Ricky Camilleri , "I'm not playing myself in that. It's sort of an antagonist role, I'm Billy Bob Thornton's son in the movie. We're some outsiders to the 'Entourage' world, and we make some trouble for Ari and have a really cool plot line there. ... He's a bad egg, nasty sort of guy."

And, Osment is proud to say that he auditioned for the role.

Entourage movie release date is on June 12, 2015. Keep on dropping by for more Entourage movie news and updates!



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