iOS 8 Problems: iOS 8 New Updated Version Review

iOS 8

iOS 8 Problems:  iOS 8 New Updated Version Review

Apple has officially released its newest iOS 8 update last Sept. 17, 2014 and not everyone seems to be enjoying the said update. Apple however, was quick to respond to the issues that users had with the update. Apple assured the users that it will do everything to resolve the issues and provide the fans a happy and satisfying user experience moving forward.

A lot of problems are being resolved by Apple by now onthe new iOS 8. Here are some of the issues that plaqued the users, which Apple already addressed:

  • The iOS 8 captures a lot of users devices' memory space because the update seems to have a bigger space needed
  • Some of the data of the devices have been lost due to the said update
  • iOS 8 update makes the Apple devices crash and it won't be able to load
  • The iOS 8 update makes the Apple devices slower
  • Some can't send or receive messages during the update
  • Charger or other cable don't seem to work
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Network are not working
  • iOS 8 drains the battery too fast from the usual
  • Problem adding third party applications does exist

There were problems tied with every bit of the update, some of it includes apps that do not function well, particularly the DropBox and the highly anticipated HealthKit that Apple has introduced to be part of the said update, even though Apple has already announced the company would not push through with it since the developers discovered a lot of bugs.

Owners of Apple's previous devices like iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have been experiencing a lot of glitches than the owners of the newest Apple devices. Some of them have not been capable of updating their devices because it requires more free space that they have anticipated. With all the hassles of updating to the new OS, many users started to have second thoughts in downloading and installing the iOS 8 update.

The Apple team is not letting these issues slide. The team has been doing everything it can to retract the update and make it better. The company promises to give the users the convenience again to enjoy the iOS 8. Another update to have the bugs fixed is already on the pipeline and shall be announced or launched soon.

Worrisome Apple users shall not think further more on the current update for a better one is coming very soon.


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