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Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton
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Last year, not too long after Darlene Zschech released her song "In Jesus' Name" where she confesses, "I hate cancer! I hate cancer," she herself was diagnosed with the disease.  Posted on her blog shortly after Christmas 2013, Zschech claimed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 11 after a routine check.  After which she underwent surgery and was released from hospital on Christmas Eve.  Last Friday, Zschech admits that she's undergoing six months of chemotherapy and she is well on the road of recovery.

Zschech, who has been known to front many of Hillsong's music including "Shout to the Lord," "Cry of the Broken" and "Worthy is the Lamb," is currently resting in God's love.  But this doesn't mean she's not active.  In fact, in her down time she has also been writing songs of worship, which we sincerely hope will lead her to record another live album following her hugely successful "Revealing Jesus" record last year.  Furthermore, on Sunday February 2, Zschech is back at Hope Unlimited Church teaching.  Declaring that 2014 will be the year of jubilee for herself and her church, Zschech is expecting great things from God despite her health.

In terms of her appearance right now after undergoing chemotherapy right now, Zschech cheekily writes on Twitter:  "I have the honour of speaking at @HopeUC this Sunday AM. I am hoping I still have hair, if not.  Well, bald is the new black."

Though 2014 has just started, Zschech has already been featured as the guest worship vocalist on one of the songs from Elevation Worship's brand new worship record: "Only King Forever."  Zschech sings the lead vocals of easily the best song on the album "The Love of Jesus."   Taking on the theme of Christ's love as expressed through His sacrificial death on the Cross, Zschech leads us a time of worship so pristine and awe-inspiring that it's hard not to be lost in the goodness of Christ's love. 

Remember to check our review section for our exclusive look at Elevation Worship's "Only King Forever."



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