FBI Criticizes New Encryption Application of Apple, Google

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FBI Criticizes New Encryption Application of Apple, Google 

The new security applications of Apple and Google have allegedly made government-initiated investigations somehow difficult.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey said on Thursday that the new security encryption program of Apple and Google might have gone extreme.

In a report from the New York Time, Comey said that the FBI might initiate for the creation of state policies and laws that will compel companies to find ways so that government authorities can unlock information from the mobile phones such as e-mails, SMS, contacts and photos. 

In the aftermath of the Edward Snowden's revelation, Apple and Google have beefed up its security applications, prompting it to produce new security software. This new security application automatically encrypts all the information stored in the mobile phone. Even the companies, themselves, cannot decrypt the contents.

In the new encryption program, investigators will have a hard time obtaining evidence from mobile phones taken from suspects or those recovered in war zones and crime scenes.

Snowden, a former I.T. contractual worker of US government, divulged before that there are many applications utilized by the government in order to collect digital data from people worldwide.

With this new encryption software, the FBI feared that other companies, especially those of computers will follow. If this happens, this will hamper speedy investigations of criminal acts.

According to Google and Apple, the new security application even allows consumer to create their own keys of encryption. In this way, even Google and Apple cannot crack the code. These two major companies also dismissed the claims of Comey and added that they will continue their efforts to further enhance the new existing encryption program.

Eventually, encryption will involve major algorithms that will make it more difficult or even impossible to decode data.

Meanwhile, this concern left many to question the balance between law enforcement and the importance of mobile phone security measures. This has prompted debates on the disparities between traditional crime fight and that of cyber security. Accordingly, if companies give in to the demand of US government to bypass the use of high-end encryption for the sake of solving crimes, then it might also be jeopardized through other elements such as hackers and enemies of the state.



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