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Andrew Peterson, singer/songwriter/author, was born on June 4, 1974 in Monticello, Illinois.

Signed to Centricity Music, Peterson is a founding member of the Square Peg Alliance, a group he calls a "happy band of singer/songwriters who write together, tour together, and eat together."

Married to Jamie in 1998, the couple are parents to three kids - Aedan, Asher and Skye.

Andrew Peterson Notable Quotes:

  • - "What Christ calls his followers to isn’t just friendship with each other, but kinship. That means we’re bound by more than similar interests, or even chemistry, but by a common covenant with a common Father. When life gets messy, and it will, there’s something stronger than friendship to bind us together."

  • - "I want to use my gifts to tell the truth, and to tell it as beautifully as I can."

  • - "Honesty, truth, and art all rolled into one thing is a rarity. To me, the pinnacle of what makes a good song is something that everyone can relate to, and at the same time, it's beautiful. Making it beautiful is the hardest part. There are a lot of honest and true songs that are just lousy."

  • - "Sharing my music with people, the writing of it, and translating what God is teaching me to the people who are listening, that's when I feel the most at home."

  • - "Part of becoming like little children, I believe, is looking at the world with wonder, and seeing it for the gift and adventure that it is. Following Jesus is unpredictable, frightening, and rich with goodness."

Andrew Peterson Trivia

  • - Andrew is the founder of - and online community of authors, songwriters, and pastors.

  • - His album, Behold the Lamb of God, was named one of the 10 best albums of the decade.

  • - His "big break" came when Caedmon's Call lead guitarist and vocalist Derek Webb came across his website and was so impressed by his lyrics that he invited Peterson to open for the band at an upcoming show. Caedmon's Call liked his performance so much that he was invited to join them on their 1998 tour.

Andrew Peterson Discography:

  • - Light for the Lost Boy, 2012
  • - Counting Stars, 2010
  • - Resurrection Letters: Volume II, 2008
  • - Appendix C, 2008
  • - Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies, 2006
  • - The Far Country, 2005
  • - Behold the Lamb of God, 2004
  • - Love and Thunder, 2003
  • - Clear to Venus, 2001
  • - Carried Along, 2000

Andrew Peterson Books:

  • - The Warden and the Wolf King, April, 2014
  • - The Monster in the Hollows, 2011
  • - North! Or Be Eaten, 2009 (Winner of the 2009 Christy Award for Young Adult Fiction)
  • - On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, 2008 (Nominee for the 2008 Christy Award for Young Adult Fiction)
  • - The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats, 2006

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