Andrew Peterson Shows the Connection Between People and Trees in His New Book

Andrew Peterson

Award-winning singer-songwriter and author Andrew Peterson will be releasing his new book The God of the Garden: Thoughts on Creation, Culture, and the Kingdom on October 26. In this new book, Peterson shows the biblical connections between trees and human beings. It is no coincidence that the Bible often uses arboreal language to describe the Christian life.

The press releases elaborates, "They (trees and people) both come from dirt. They're both told to bear fruit. In fact, arboreal language is so often applied to humans that it's easy to miss, whether we're talking about family trees, passing along our seed, cutting someone off like a branch, being rooted to a place, or bearing the fruit of the Spirit. It's hard to deny that trees mean something, theologically speaking."

What is special about the book is where Peterson wrote it. He reveals, "So excited to announce the impending arrival of my next book! I wrote every sentence of it here at the Warren, within the walls of the Chapter House, about 30 feet of the stone arch."

The book is the follow-up to Peterson's hugely popular 2019's Adorning the Dark, which is both a memoir of Andrew's journey and a handbook for artists who trying to thrive in the music community. "I think of it as an expansion of the chapters in Adorning the Dark about our stewardship of the property and community where God has planted me and Jamie. But it's about a lot more than that. I hope it's a blessing, and that it opens your eyes to the presence of the Sower in your life."    

Besides his music, Peterson is an award winning author. The second book in his Wingfeather Saga, North! Or Be Eaten (2009) won the Christy Award for Young Adult Fiction, and the fourth, The Warden and the Wolf King (2014) won World Magazine's Children's Book of the Year in 2015. 

You can preorder it at @therabbitroom or wherever books are sold. 

The God of the Garden 

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