Sheena Talks In-Depth About Her New Album: "He's Got You Covered"


Singer, songwriter and actress Sheena Lee will release her new album "Sheena" on Sept. 4th. Sheena was raised in a musical family that values faith and the spiritual core of music. Her father, "Doctor" Bob Lee, is a long‐time radio personality at WBLS 107.5 FM in New York, and her mother, Vivian, through her company, New Beginnings, is involved in music for special celebrations. Her home as a child was filled with all styles of music.

Sheena has performed at the Martin Luther King Concert Series at Wingate Field in Brooklyn, the Harlem Summer Stage, Battle Cry's Relentless Pursuit at the IZOD Center in New Jersey, Flavor Fest at Crossover Church in Tampa, and has toured with God Belongs In My City (GBIMC) throughout New York and Florida. She has sung alongside various respected Christian recording artists, including the Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Israel & New Breed, Mary Mary, Tye Tribbett, Group 1 Crew, Andy Mineo, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Wes Morgan, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Vicki Winans, Regina Belle and Cissy Houston. 

Hallels:  Sheena, thanks for doing this interview with us.  I believe you came from a musical family, how did your dad and mother shape or nurture your musical gifts? 

Sheena: You are welcome and thank you for the opportunity. From a very young age I remember waking up to hearing music every morning because my father was practicing his mixing skills on the turntables. This was the norm for me and my household being the fact that both my parents are Dj's. I remember my father showing me how to mix records, but I was more interested in being on the record lol. Since then they have believed in me all the way, being nothing but supportive. That to me is the greatest blessing and how I feel they have shaped and nurtured my gift. God knew what he was doing when he gave me parents who naturally have a love and passion for music. I was often told by my mother that nothing is impossible with God.

Hallels:  You were also part of a group called "T.R.U.C.E."  Tell us more about your involvement there? 

Sheena: For me T.R.U.C.E is where it all began. Although I was already involved in ministry at church singing in the choir, it wasn't until I went on my first missions trip that God confirmed what he has called me to do. Deep down a passion was birthed inside of me and I wanted to do music ministry for the rest of my life. For over a decade He allowed me to be apart of something special, something that would impact and change my life forever. Through this ministry God revealed Himself to me. I experienced and learned so much while ministering with others who had the same passion and goal in mind to see souls saved for the Kingdom. Our gifts were being used for His glory through theatre, music, dance and evangelism. Being apart of T.R.U.C.E under Nicky Cruz Outreach shaped and molded the way I minister through song. It was a major stepping stone in my life and I will never forget it.

Hallels:  How did you then get to release your debut album "Destiny"? 

Sheena: "Destiny" for a few years was a project in the making. The album is a collection of songs that were recorded during my transition from the group T.R.U.C.E to becoming a solo artist in ministry. The process wasn't easy, but I know now that it wasn't suppose to be. I thank all of the people in my life during that season that collaborated and helped me put it together especially my parents. They believed in me and pushed me to move forward every step of the way even through times of adversity. God used them to help me in more ways then one. 

Hallels:  How's your new album different or similar to "Destiny"? Who did you work with for this new album?

Sheena: The new album which is self titled "SHEENA" is very different in comparison to "Destiny" just because it was created during a new chapter/season in my life. Sonically the album is a more mature sound and it's an introspective take on who I am and what I believe God wants me to share. 
For this new album I had the pleasure of working with Chris Belmont and team at JahRock'n Productions. I loved working with them because I was %100 involved with every aspect of the creative process. And as a team I believe we created something amazing. 

Hallels:  What are some lessons you want your listeners to grasp after hearing your new album?

Sheena: What I would want the listeners to grasp is that...•The journey to empowerment starts with brokenness
•Never give up no matter what the circumstance.
•We are more than winners/victorious in Christ.
•Trust the Lord with all your heart.
•Be confident in who you are in God.
•He's got you covered.

Hallels:  Tell us more of your new single "Ladies' Anthem."  What's the song about? 

Sheena: "Ladies Anthem" was created to give a voice to those ladies who are too afraid to speak up. The song was written to empower, encourage and motivate women. In my life I had to make a conscious decision to move past my circumstance and take a stand against fear. If I hadn't I would be exactly where the enemy wanted to keep me, broken and bound. But with Gods strength I was able to move forward. My prayer is that other women through this song are inspired to make a decision to speak up. Don't allow fear to cripple you to the point, where you can no longer stand. -Sheena [Joshua 1:9]

Hallels:  Since you have such a Godly passion for women, what encouragement do you have to say to women who are striving to live Godly lives?  

Sheena: First and foremost our confidence comes from God. We are his daughters, beautifully and wonderfully made. Continue to seek Him while moving forward in your walk. We were never meant to do this walk alone so find ways to support, encourage and pray for each other. He wants us to view ourselves the way He sees us, knowing our full worth and value in Him. To someone else you may be a second option, but to God you will always be first. There is nothing to big or impossible for God. Ladies stand up! We are more than conquerors! 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or purchase your new music, where can they go? 

Sheena: To find out more about me and my music they can go to: and/or follow me on Twitter/Instagram- @iamsheenamusic 

To Pre-order my new album "SHEENA" on iTunes which will be released on Friday September 4th 2015 go to: with the pre-order you unlock both of my new singles "I WIN" & "Ladies Anthem" ft. Butta P Stay blessed! -Sheena 

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