Kierra Sheard Confesses Her Struggles with a Toxic Relationship

Kierra Sheard

Gospel artist Kierra Sheard shares a deeply personal post on her blog.  Despite her successful career in Gospel music, Sheard reveals that she was involved in a toxic relationship where she has been hurt by her former boyfriend.  On November 25, she writes on her blog:

'Went to the store today and spotted him with another woman in the store. It stung a little I wanted to cry but I didn't. It's almost like I've become immune to disappointment. He was coming out with a huge bottle of 40. Something that I hate. At first he wasn't even going to speak to me. Then I pulled around and I wanted to run him over. It all ran through my mind, but I kept driving. I see that he's just not it and though there aren't any guys in my life that are keeping my attention I might as well make it up in my mind to just let him go! Maybe this is time that I need to get to know me. on second thought, I shouldn't need distractions to keep my mind off of someone who treats me so bad. This reveals to me that I have a problem with myself. It's time to release all toxic relationships, or people who no longer compliment my purpose in life. If there is absolutely no characteristic of heaven in my relationships, I no longer want the hell that comes with it. I'm making a promise to myself to even build a better relationship with myself. I don't want them to have space in my life nor will I allow them to have any mental space. I'm not happy with him. He doesn't bring me happiness; I don't even find rest there anymore. He brings me fear and worry. The bible says that Love casts out all fear but this "love" is causing fear and anxiety.'

Sheard closes her post with a follow-up lesson.

"Things I wrote while still learning. I hope this helps someone to release whatever isn't for them. I pray that you handle your business with class because 2 years before this, I would have chased him with the car. Relationships could be healthy, if we became healthy individuals before connecting. This was all apart of my growth."

Sheard has just recently released her new EP entitled Led released to iTunes on Friday November 20th.  Sheard had this to say about the release, "My goal is to give listeners a sound that they can take everywhere. I'm hoping to put God in people's atmosphere and they not even know it until later. It's something for in the meantime, but it's fun and creative."

Kierra continues to travel the country as part of the Tasha Cobbs One Place Live Tour, in addition to stops at various cities promoting her new line for full figured clothing line, Eleven60.


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