5 Best Tweets of the Day

Twitter - with its hashtags, trending nows and lists - can sometimes be hard to keep up with. Missing a great tweet can happen in a blink. So in case you missed them, these are the best tweets of the day!

Hawk Nelson Dec. 4 2013 Tweet
(Photo : Hawk Nelson)
Hawk Nelson's Dec. 4 2013 Tweet

Isn't it great to know that you can make a band's day by saying something nice (in 140 characters or less)?


Kierra Sheard Tweet Dec. 4, 2013
(Photo : Kierra Sheard)
Kierra Sheard's Tweet Dec. 4, 2013

How many times have you publicly tweeted/posted something sweet about your mom?


Love & The Outcome Tweet Dec. 4, 2013
(Photo : Love & The Outcome)
Love & The Outcome's Tweet Dec. 4, 2013

What a great reminder! We can all use that on both "in the dumps" days and "so-so" days.


Max Lucado Dec. 4, 2013 Tweet
(Photo : Max Lucado )
Max Lucado's Dec. 4, 2013 Tweet

Amen and amen again! Our God can overcome any giant the world can create!


Michael Sweet Dec. 4, 2013 Tweet
(Photo : Michael Sweet)
Michael Sweet's Dec. 4, 2013 Tweet

What a great idea! Wouldn't it be great if fans could get in on that action? If you could put together a dream line-up tour, who would be on the stage?

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