Rory Feek Shares Video of His 2.5 Year-Old Daughter Crawling

Joey + Rory Feek

Joey and Rory Feek's two and a half year-old daughter Indiana has started crawling earlier this week. A joyous dad, Rory shared the news on Facebook. Indiana who has Down Syndrome reached the milestone just five months after Joey's death due to complications from cervical cancer.

"Indiana, at two and a half years old, Indy just learned how to crawl this week," Rory posted on Facebook, along with a video of himself on all fours giving his daughter a few crawling pointers. "Her big sisters and I are so proud of her." 

In February, Joey celebrated Indiana's second birthday with her. The couple later shared pics from the special get together on Instagram.

"Some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They're dreams coming true and prayers being answered," they wrote alongside a photo of Indiana clasping hands with her mom.

Earlier in the year, Joey + Rory Feek released their final album Hymns that Are Important to Us.  The album debutted at #1 on both Billboard's Christian and country albums charts.  On the album, the couple placed their signature marks on their favorite hymns such as "Jesus Loves Me," "Amazing Grace," and many others. 

The inspiring video shows Rory Feek on multiple occasions getting down on all fours in an attempt to demonstrate to Indiana how to move. The video footage is appropriately set to Chris Brown's song "Crawl" and as Indiana smiles proudly at her accomplishment throughout, the celebration and cheers from her father Rory are enough to melt your heart.


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