Jimmy Dooley Offers Insights into How to Make Music that isn't "Churchy" But Relevant

Jimmy Dooley

Producer, songwriter and singer Jimmy Dooley has just released his brand new album Stronger than That.  With one look at Jimmy Dooley, you can immediately tell that things are looking different in gospel music. And with one listen to Jimmy Dooley, you can instantly tell that things are getting better in gospel music. Jimmy is in a class all his own in gospel music, fusing multiple styles into something different, something better, something extraordinary. 

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Q:  Jimmy, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, who is Jimmy Dooley?  How would you describe your style of music? 

I'm a singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, OH. I would describe my music as Pop music with urban influences stylistically, with a message of hope & enocouragement

Q: I have read that when God first called you to music ministry, you became ill.  What happened there?  How did the Lord heal you? 

I was very sick for over 3 years, I almost died the doctors really never could figure out what was wrong with me, I had several specialist working on the case but none could figure out what was going on. When I was about 18 years old 2 men showed up to my house & asked to come in & pray for me, I started getting better from that day forward. I still don't know who the men were who prayed for me.

Q:  Besides your own music, you are also a songwriter and producer for other artists.  Who are some of the artists you have work with? 

I used to work with a lot of artists in the Southern Gospel realm many years back, most of the artist I write for & produce now are regional independent artists.

Q:  I love the way you write.  Even with your song titles you have a way of grabbing our attention with titles like "Jesus Doesn't Go to This Church Anymore" and "Save Me From Myself."  What or who inspires you to write?  And what's the most memorable  song you have had ever written? 

I'm inspired to write usually from hearing some sort of a thought or title, something will usually click inside me & say that would be a great song idea & then I build the songs around that. I listen to all types of music & pull inspiration from many artists & writers. My most memorable song I've written would probably be a song called "Pain Is Real, But So Is Hope" just because I feel it's such an important message & real song that people can connect with.

Q:  You have a new album out, "Stronger Than That," what is your goal for this album?  How do you wish this album would impact the lives of your listeners?

The goal for the "Stronger That That" album was to create an album that wasn't "churchy" an album that people from all walks of life could listen to & be inspired, encouraged & strengthened. I wanted to tackle a lot of issues that go un-talked about in most songs that people deal with like being bullied, self harm, addictions, thoughts of suicide, ect. My prayer for this album is that it speaks hope into people's lives who are struggling.

Q:  If you have the chance to present two songs off the new record to our readers, which would they be?  And why? 

That's hard to say, my 2 favorite songs are "Pain Is Real, But So Is Hope" & "Stronger That That" so I would probably pick those 2 because I think they both sound cool & have a message that everyone can relate to.

 Q:  Quite a few of the songs ("It Hurts," "The Broken You" and "Pain is Real, So Is Hope") deal with the issue of pain, how can these songs help our readers who are suffering? 

7.I think a lot of people especially in Christian music write songs that talk about coming out of struggles & living victoriously which is cool & important, but I wanted to write a few songs that were just real about where people may be in their life right now. These songs kind of just affirm to people that God knows where you are, He sees what you're going through & it may not be easy but keep holding on to the hope that things will get better. These songs are meant for people who are walking through those struggles & dark places in their life right now.

 Q:  Your album speaks of God who is stronger than anything in this way, can you recall a story in your life when you experienced our strong God? 

Really every day of my life God proves & shows His strength to me! God never ceases to amaze me how that He shows strong & gives us the strength to truly overcome anything we face. Probably one of the greatest examples of this was 3 years ago my wife & I had our 1st baby. There were some complications & I remember the doctor looking me in the eye & saying "Jimmy there is a chance that your wife or daughter may not make it through this alive." I was the scariest moment of my life! But as always God took care of everything & they're both doing fine :) 

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