Nancy Alcorn To Appear On TBN’s Huckabee This Weekend As A “Huck’s Hero”

Nancy Alcorn

Mercy Multiplied Founder and President Nancy Alcorn will appear on TBN's popular Huckabee tomorrow, Apr. 27 and Sun. Apr. 28 at 8/7 CST or on Demand anytime at Huckabee.TV, aligning with the recent release of her newest book Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With A Changed Life. Hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, Alcorn will be a part of his "Huck's Hero" segment which honors everyday American heroes who have displayed a genuine act of bravery in his or her community. Viewers can find their local TBN channel through the network's Channel Finder here

The appearance comes on the heels of timely conversations Alcorn has been having surrounding her book release of Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With A Changed Life. Sharing on topics like eating disorders and mental health, Alcorn has spoken to female audiences on 20,000 Words PodcastAll Mom DoesLive Original and more. Alcorn has also appeared on iconic WSM's "Coffee, Country & Cody" and Daystar's Marcus & Joni.

Nancy Alcorn on Daystar's Marcus & Joni
Nancy Alcorn on WSM's "Coffee, Country & Cody"'

Available now, readers will meet brave women like Heather, Kirstin, Franny, Sarah and more in Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With A Changed Life. The book of renewal spans stories of women choosing to reach out for help in the face of anxiety, eating disorders, abuse, depression, suicidal ideation, unplanned pregnancy, drug use, unhealthy relationships and more. The popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and suicide prevention alongside the belief that there is no such thing as a life that cannot be transformed served as the impetus for the timely book.

Purchase Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With A Changed Life here or here.

About Nancy Alcorn:

Nancy Alcorn is the Founder and President of Mercy Multiplied, a free-of-charge, faith-based residential program for young women struggling with life-controlling issues ages thirteen to thirty-two with multiple locations in the United States and in other nations around the world. After working for the state of Tennessee in a correctional facility for girls and investigating child abuse cases, she founded Mercy Multiplied in 1983, determined to establish a program in which lives would truly be transformed. Today, Mercy not only serves young women at their residential facilities, but it also serves both men and women of all ages through its Outreach services. Through Outreach, Mercy offers life-changing principles of freedom through a variety of training, tools, and resources. Her latest, Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With A Changed Life, is available now.

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About Mercy Multiplied:
Mercy Multiplied equips people to live free and stay free through Jesus Christ. Their residential counseling program helps young women ages 13-32 break free from life controlling issues and situations, including anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancy, and sex trafficking. The residential program is voluntary, biblically based, and completely free of charge. Outreach services train and resource Christian leaders and helpers to effectively minister to those who are struggling. Mercy's goal is to share the life transforming principles used in our residential program to empower men and women of all ages to live in freedom. Click here to read more about Mercy.

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