Find Out the Story Behind David Dunn's "Spend a Life"

David Dunn

BEC Recordings' David Dunn has released his brand new video "Spend A Life." About the song, this is what Dunn has to say:

"I wrote "Spend A Life" because I had a kid. For the first time in my life, a timer started, and it was counting down the seconds I had left to raise my kid. An 18 year (or less) timer where my moment by moment decisions would effect my tiny human's existence dramatically.

And that got me thinking about the macro perspective of life. Everyone has a ticking clock from the moment they're born, and some day that timer is going to go off...and then that's it. That's all you get. No resets or 5 minute snoozes - it's done. And that will have been all the chance you got make a difference in the world around you. That was it. The sudden flash in the pan, that mist of vapor in the air we call "being alive".

So the point of the song is this: Time is our most valuable resource, so let's not spend it like it's cheap." 

See David on Tour:  

June 14- Abilene, KS
June 15- Concordia, KS
June 29- Richmond, IN
July 6- Kansas, OK
July 12- Olothe, CO
August 4- Abbotsford, Canada
August 10- Cape May, NJ
August 17- Arlington, SD
September 8- Ft. Wayne, IN

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