Kick Ass 3 Release Date: "It's Possible" Says Mark Millar And Artist John Romita, Jr, May Be In 2015

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Kick Ass 3 Release Date: "It's Possible" Says Mark Millar And Artist John Romita, Jr, 2015 May Be The Year

In a Comic Book Resources interview, Mark Millar and artist John Romita, Jr. said there is a possibility of the movie Kick Ass 3, that might come up in 2015 but we cannot say anything as of now. It is too early to comment on this, they said. With marginal success in the second movie, they have still not planned anything yet, but also not said no the new Kick Ass 3 in the next year.

Kick Ass got tremendous success collecting over $240 million against a mere budget of $28 million. This was a giant motivation for the producers to come up with Kick Ass 2. Kick Ass too was released and collected less revenue as compared to the first version. It could only make around $160 million against a budget of $24 million. Kick Ass 3 is still a thought and nothing has been discussed about it.

Mark Millar criticized Jim Carrey for not getting actively involved in the promotion of the movie. He denied working with him again for several factors that led to marginal success of the film. Mark further said, it is Matthew (Vaughn) whom he trust in for the making of the film. It is he who will decide if he wants to make a movie or not. It is he who has the rights to make a movie, so all depends on him, he said. So, we cannot rule out the possibility as yet. The fans might get a bigger surprise when it does really come out for them.

It is insane to talk about Kick Ass 3 release date so soon. When Mark Millar, Romita and Matthew will sit together for any discussions, something may come out for the fans soon. Let's get hooked to comic series until then.

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