General Hospital Spoilers, Cast, Recaps, Happenings And Rumors: Jason Morgan Could be Returning To General Hospital As Franco Gets To Find Out About Sonny And Carly’s Dirty Little Secret

General Hospital Rumors

General Hospital Spoilers, Cast, Recaps, Happenings And Rumors: Jason Morgan Could be Returning To General Hospital As Franco Gets To Find Out About Sonny And Carly's Dirty Little Secret

We have the latest for you on the spoilers, cast, recaps, happenings and rumors of  General Hospital. There will be a lot of scheming this week in 'General Hospital' from the 22nd to the 26th of this month. Do you want to know what will be happening? Well, we have all of it here.

First and foremost, it has been a while that Jason Morgan has been making the weekly rounds of spoilers this week. However, this could also be the week that marks his return to 'General Hospital.' Fans are yet to know whether Robin and Jason survived but that will be revealed on Tuesday's episode. The latest spoilers say that Jason Morgan might just end up in hospital this episode. On the episode premiering on Thursday, Elizabeth might be treating a mystery patient and this gets everyone thinking that the mystery patient might be Jason Morgan.

More spoilers indicate that Sonny and Carly's cheating might not go unpunished. It has been quite a while that Sonny and Carly have not been behind Franco's back, but this time round, they will be getting behind his back but this time, Franco will get to know the truth. Kiki will tell Franco what Sonny and Carly have been up to, and it is obvious that Franco will not take the news lightly. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that during a birthday party, Franco will give a surprising birthday toast and he will also come up with a revenge plan.

However, as Franco is planning on how to bring Sonny and Carly down, Sonny will be busy with other things. She will be particularly trying to recapture Ava Jerome. She will command Shawn and Max to recapture Ava and the baby. Ava will however, put a fight up this time round. This time, Ava has the help of an accomplice, Morgan Corinthos. Morgan is the one who will actually help Ava leave port Charles. There are many questions going through the fans minds like what will Franco do against Sony and Carl? Will he be crazy and evil to carry out a revenge plan? Will Franco tell Michael that Sonny is the one who shot his father? Will Ava Jerome be successful in her escape? Who is the mystery patient in the hospital? Is Jason Morgan the mystery patient? Stay with us for more news on this and much more.


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