iOS 8.0.2: Still Receives Negative Response

iOS 8.0.2:
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iOS 8.0.2: Still Receives Negative Response

Still, there were a lot of complains from iPhone users regarding their OS being upgraded to iOS 8.0.2. They were suffering from different tech issues. Existing bugs and new bugs were one of the phone's issues. Touch ID was destroyed and users could not help but doubt about the system's capability.

September 17, this was the time when iOS 8 came out. However, those users who have experienced it quickly, unfortunately, they complained that they can no longer utilize some features.

A week after, the company had issue their update regarding their latest OS, but they had to kicked it off after they have heard about the new bugs that prevent users from using the Touch ID that made a terrible effect on the phone's connectivity.

The second update had delivered the hope for iOS 8.0.2 to resolve the said bugs. However, not only those reports had suggested that the bugs of the latest iOS continued its existence, but new bugs also came out. The issue resides on how the user was affected on the said bugs - difficulty in accessing passwords, complexity in entering webpages via Safari, dropped calls, and difficulty in sending SMS.

Being said, iPhone users have turned their back on social media. They had addressed their concerns regarding the issue. It was such a big frustration on their part.

In the support forum of Apple, a certain user had also complained on the use of the camera. Pictures were messed up and were not in order. It made the user felt that the iPhone is useless to use. It also aided them to conclude that a certain issue can affect the performance of the phone.

While anxiety reached its peak over unresolved issues and new bugs, a certain report claims that iOS has a security flaws.

While this was taken a legitimate action, International Business Times or IBT as well as Gizmodo had suggested that the Touch ID was either fake or it was triggered.

It was clearly tested on iPad Mini with the retina display running in iOS 8.0.2, that does not have a Touch ID, however, it was unable to make results.

More than that, Apple had responses to the comment about the reported flaws and bugs.



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