Where’s the iPad Pro? Not Another Rumor Update, iPad Pro a No-Show at Apple Event, Another Disappointment Next to iPod Touch 6G No-Show

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Where's the iPad Pro? Not Another Rumor Update, iPad Pro a No-Show at Apple Event, Another Disappointment Next to iPod Touch 6G No-Show

The Apple's iPad event was missing out something: the iPad Pro. It's been a while since the supposed iPad rumor started, and still, to a surprise, the iPad pro was a no-show at the recent iPad event.

I stated in an earlier article:

"Apple already "set internal project and marketing deadlines of mid-October, ahead of the planned unveiling of major new products during the second half of the month". This means that the fans can expect the actual iPad Pro to show up anytime soon".

Unfortunately, this didn't come true. I'm sure the Apple has plenty of reasons for the missing iPad, given the fact that the company just recently unveiled their new iPhone series and so on. Sure, it's not wise to put out all the new devices at once. Sure, the iPad sales have been declining. Still, could this mean that it's coming out early next year? After all, a larger iPad would be good news to avid users of Apple tablets.

As stated, iPad pro is expected to be a new larger iPad, aiming to become the next professional tablet, and Bloomberg previously reported that the iPad Pro suppliers are already preparing to manufacture the new gadget. So where is it?

As for the features, the 12.9 inch iPad may come with "a new user interface that's more innovative and intuitive, so that input will be as efficient as a device with keyboard". It is also expected to come with an improved A8X chipset, as also found in the recent iPhone 6. This with an improved processor will help support the 12.9 inch screen.

Let's hope that this rumor business surrounding the iPad Pro ends pretty soon. Those who are waiting are getting sick of hearing another rumored release date for the supposed iPad Pro.



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