Apple New Mac Pro Release Date Rumors Hoax: Awaited Device Not Launched on Apple's Latest Event

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Apple New Mac Pro Release Date Rumors Hoax: Awaited Device Not Launched on Apple's Latest Event

After the success of Apple's latest iPhone series have regained its reputation, as one of the leading technology innovators. As the public waited for their newest gadgets and apps, rumors have been circulating around the World Wide Web.

One of the awaited new device from the Cupertino-based tech-giant is the New Mac Pro. Mac World has been monitoring news about the new and updated Mac Pro, and it reported that the latest edition of the device might be released during the Oct.16 Apple Event.

Apple's New Mac Pro rumored release date was based on Intel's new chips launched last Sept. 9. The company's guests and venue for the Apple event were also seemed clued that Apple is up for something big. But according to SF Gate, the event has ended and new version of iPads, and other fresh operating systems and apps have been unveiled, but Mac Pro is not included in the list.

The newest device unveiled includes the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. The company, founded by the iconic Steve Jobs, also unveiled the Touch ID feature that will work hand-in-hand with the newly launched Apple Pay, the latest digital wallet like Google Wallet. Yosemite operating system was also introduced during the event attended by big names in technology.

Mac Pro 2014's absence in the recent event may be heartbreaking but it is not the end of the world yet. Knowing Apple, Mac Pro 2014 may be underway already. So here are the rumored specifications of the awaited and still anticipated new version of Mac Pro.

Because its predecessor is powered by Intel's Xeon E5 V2 processor, tagged as Romley, the new Mac Pro is expected to have a Xeon E3 V3 chip which is named 'Grantley'. It is also rumored that the 2014 version of the device will feature more cores, compared to the existing version with low-end 8-core and high-end 12-core.

The Mac Pro 2014 may also offer more RAM to the device's latest version, Mac World reports. The device predecessor currently has 12GB RAM. Improvements are also expected in terms of the device's graphic features. With the recent launch of new FirePro W-series, Mac Pro 2014 is rumored to have this latest graphical quality.

In terms of storage, what Apple fans wished for is that "these build-to-order SSD prices will come down and that Apple will offer more storage a standard."

Apple has not made any confirmation about the New Mac Pro 2014 but fans will surely wait for it patiently.

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