Dragon Ball Xenoverse Named Dragon Ball XV Release Date on December 2015; 126 Playable Character, New Story, Improved Graphics, Better Game Experience

Dragon Ball Xenoverse
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Named Dragon Ball XV Release Date on December 2015; 126 Playable Character, New Story, Improved Graphics, Better Game Experience 

There is some good news for 1990s kids. The Japanese-made anime that made it big in television and even on big screen will be landing another action-packed edition but this time in your game consoles and devices. Finally, Dragon Ball Xenoverse release date is announced.

The newest edition of the anime's video game is set to be available commercially on Dec. 31, 2015, as reported by Breathecast. The launch date is still more than a year away, but to the avid fans of the epic anime series that feature super-powered meta-humans which was reincarnated for several times, no year is too long.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, initially introduced last June 10, is now officially named as Dragon Ball XV. The much anticipated anime-based video game, by Japanese company Dimps, is set to be available for new generation game consoles alike Playstation and Xbox, and it will also be offered commercially for PC's.

This will be the first video game version of the Dragon Ball Z to be available for the eighth generation game consoles. Franchise Herald also reported that Dragon Ball Xenoverse or Dragon Ball XV, if the fifteenth title for the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai franchise.

For those who have played the upcoming game during its announcement in New York Comic Conference, Dragon Ball XV is said to be a video game that is really worth waiting for. It is said to meet and even exceed the fan's expectation for the cartoon-based game's newest edition.

It is reported that Dragon Ball XV will feature an entirely different story compared to its predecessor, Dragon Ball canon. Towa and Mira'sTime Breakers have begun interfering with time, and so the Time Patrol, led by Future Trunks and the Future Warrior are sent back in time to stop them."

As the story unfolds, new characters will be introduced and players would do several duels to reach the end of the game, with the main goal of restoring the timeline. Despite the different story, characters, reportedly 126 are playable; it still have the same powers that players can create new techniques, in order to beat their opponent.

Aside from the numerous playable characters available, there will also be 24 maps in "Dragon Ball XV." The game is also "promising improved gameplay, strong immersion and an entirely new world setup." The gamers who had the privilege to try the game during its announcement were also impressed on a more distinct graphics, improved camera movements and smoother gameplay.

This boost in Dragon Ball XV will surely make it a hit once it will be available at $59.99. Even if it is not yet available commercially, Attack of the Fan Boy reported that footages of multiplayer game in Dragon Ball Xenoverse are now available online.

The 8-minute teaser showed the first battle between Goku and Piccolo. It was then followed by matches between Tien vs. Raditz, Gohan vs. Nappa and a match between two newly created characters that share semblance with Gohan's adult version.

For Dragon Ball fans out there, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is surely a game to watch out for.

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