iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air 1: Comparisons In Terms Of Design, Processor, Display, Camera, And Battery Life

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iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air 1: Comparisons In Terms Of Design, Processor, Display, Camera, And Battery Life

"IPad" is considered as the second highest selling Apple products next to the iPhone. The expectant public got a glimpse of the "iPad Air 2" in Cupertino, Calfornia. It is important for Apple Inc. to attract more people back to loving tablets, after something of a hunch in their sales.

For such a huge electronic company, Apple needs to make significant changes to their "iPad" range to keep their consumers catch the fancy of them. In addition, this company have high hopes of persuading current "iPad Air" owners have the upgrade. The first "iPad Air" was successful and gained outstanding, important welcome, and was greatly recognized as the ultimate tablet computer until today.

The "iPad Air 2" is created to make real steps over its forerunner, here are the comparisons based on Value Walk in terms of design, processor, display, camera, and battery life.


Apple always puts a lot of effort with the design of all their devices. "iPad Air 2" is slimmer compared to iPad Air with just 6.1mm thick. In fact, this new device is an 18 percent reduction on the slim Air to make certain that this is the world's slimmest tablet computer.


With this new device, Apple is hoping to make relevant development since this feature considerably more powerful processor. They use the A8X chipset, which is a higher version compared to those used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. This only means that "iPad Air 2" has 12 times processing performance than iPad with 180 times more graphical capabilities.


The display size of "iPad Air 2" is just the same with "iPad Air" which is 9.7-inch Retina display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution that results to 264 pixels per inch density. Apple introduces a new anti-reflective coating and this innovation lessen the glare made by the device by over 56% compared to "iPad Air". Also, the new device has a fingerprint resistant oleophobic.

Camera and Battery Life

The camera in "iPad Air 2" is better with 8-megapixel snapper. This upgrade is believed to make the Apple users greater time in taking photos and recording videos.

"iPad Air 2" is believed to last ten hours of web surfing and no extra battery life is delivered. "iPad" fans might be disappointed with this.

In the end, Apple made really interesting innovations in their latest device, making more people attracted to using a tablet computer again. The new and improved features are great and consumers will definitely love it.


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