Taylor Swift Releases New Song, 'Welcome to New York'

Taylor Swift Releases New Song 'Welcome to New York'
(Photo : Taylor Swift Releases New Song 'Welcome to New York')

Taylor Swift Releases New Song, 'Welcome to New York'

Taylor Swift has officially released a new song titled "Welcome to New York". The 24 yr. old singer released a preview of the song. It's the country singer's first track on her highly anticipated album entitled "1989", paying homage to New York City that she now calls home.

Taylor Swift said in a video uploaded on YouTube that she wanted to start the album with "Welcome to New York" because New York has been a vital location and landscape for the story of her life in the last few years. She also added that she dreamt about moving to the city and obsessed about moving and then she did it.

According to NY Daily News, Swift became an official resident of New York, "the city that never sleeps," last March when she bought a $20M apartment in Tribeca, the neighborhood known as the home of Robert De Niro.

With her new song, Taylor Swift joins the likes of Frank Sinatra, who is known for singing "New York, New York" and Billy Joel who sang "New York State of Mind" as well as the latest soundtrack of Alicia Keys and Jay Z for the city, which is the 2009 hit song entitled "Empire State of Mind."

E Online reported that Taylor Swift's inspiration is a bit hard to describe and difficult to compare than any force of inspiration that she have ever experienced in her life. The city as described by the pop star is an electric city."

The singer seems to be enjoying her experience in New York. For Swift, she saw the city as the place of endless potential as well as possibilities, which everyone will hear in this new soundtrack.

Billboard uncovered some of the lyrics of the "Welcome to New York", which will drop on Oct. 27.  The song is written by pop star and producer/songwriter Ryan Tedder. Tedder, along with Taylor Swift and Noel Zancanella produced the soundtrack.

With the preview of "Welcome to New York", many fans of Taylor Swift are already obsessed with it, which brings back the singer to the spotlight and top of Billboard charts.


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