'Quantum Break' Release Date Set on September 2015; 'Incredible' Graphics Enticed More Fans; TV Series Also Underway

Quantum Break
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'Quantum Break' Release Date Set on September 2015; 'Incredible' Graphics Enticed More Fans; TV Series Also Underway

Fans of the upcoming third person shooter game, "Quantum Break" will have to wait for quite a bit longer to see if the game would indeed be in their midst soon. The anticipated Quantum Break is reportedly given a September 2015 date, according to Franchise Herald.

The video game produced by Finnish developer, Remedy, and published by Microsoft Studious will be set in a fictional University where "a time travel experiment at a research facility goes horribly wrong." This mishap will give Joyce, the game's main character, the ability to control time.

Joyce will then explore his ability and will try to put things back in order after he finds out that his life will be at risk because of Monarch Solutions. This conflict will be the start of the third person shooting game that critics compare to Remedy's previous creations like "Max Payne" and "Alan Wake."

"Quantum Break is very similar to both Alan Wake and the Max Payne games in that it essentially plays like a pop-and-cover third-person shooter with some mechanics that allow players to bend reality somewhat," Franchise Herald reports. Joyce's eccentric skills to slow, fast forward, or turn back time give him the upper hand in terms of fighting against his life-threatening enemies.

"Joyce's abilities to manipulate time come in quite handy when faced with a corridor filled with bad guys; he can slow time in his vicinity and thus move in a blur to flank his enemies, or he can stop the bullets from their guns in mid-air and then release them in a spray," Franchise Herald added.

"Quantum Break" was announced back in 2013 during Gamescom and from then on, fans have been waiting for the newest Xbox One game. To provide a teaser for the upcoming third person shooting game, Hard Core Gamer reported that Microsoft Japan released a game play video of "Quantum Break."

The teaser reportedly showed a game play that has more content of the game, particularly, the game's graphics which have always been praised and lauded it as incredible. "Quantum Break's" released teaser is not as long as the demo shown during Gamescom, but it has given the fans the proper amount of excitement for its upcoming release.

It is also reported that an upcoming "Quantum Break" television series is underway. According to PC Games, the said small screen version of the Xbox One game will share the same story and will be generally link to the third person shooting game.

There is no further announcement yet about the "Quantum Break" television series but chances are it will be released closely with the Xbox One game.

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