Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News: First Smartphone To Have 60 GHz Wi-Fi; Set to Have Better Features

Samsung Galaxy S6
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News: First Smartphone To Have 60 GHz Wi-Fi; Set to Have Better Features

The battlefield has been tougher than the Korea-based company, Samsung expected. After its direct rival housed in Silicon Valley made huge market sales with the release of its iPhone 6 series, the arena in smartphone market has been neutralized. Samsung's lead against Apple was now erased and a new showdown is imminent.

As Value Walk reported, the release of new flagship smartphones, which include, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from Apple, the new Nexus from Google, and the new Xperia Z3 from Sony, Samsung has been forgotten. Though the company claims that they are concentrating in marketing their Galaxy Note 4, tech-geeks have noticed their silence after their market share was decreased by their numerous rivals.

Reports have already noted that the burst of new gadgets hurt the Korean company's profits, aside from the decline of consumers of their Galaxy S and Note series. But knowing Samsung, the company is surely in the process of making their own "bomb," which is rumored the Galaxy S6.

As the company aims to get back its top post in smartphone market, the upcoming new handset is highly anticipated. So here is some of the latest news about Samsung's new ace.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be the first handset with "ultra-fast Wifi," as reported by Christian Today. It can be recalled that a couple of weeks ago, the South Korean tech-giant has announced the upcoming WiGig, the Wi-Fi Alliance's 802.11ad standard.

The first innovation in Wi-Fi connection, set at 60 GHz, will boost the speed of data transmission which will allow users to download a 1 GB video in just three seconds. Samsung, who has initially failed in making a faster Wi-Fi connection, has reportedly learned a new way of making a faster Wi-Fi possible. If this project pushes through, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the very first phone to have the 60 GHz WI-Fi.

The upcoming Galaxy S6 is also expected to do away with the company's traditional plastic-made body, Latino Post reported. Like the Galaxy Alpha, the S6 will feature a sleek and smooth metallic body.

In terms of screen, the upcoming flagship phone may have a bit bigger screen compared to its predecessors. S4 has 5-inch and S5 has 5.1-inch display, so it is safe to say that S6 will be more likely to have a 5.2-inch screen at 2560 x 1440 resolution. It also rumored that Galaxy S6 will have a 20MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization.

Because S6 will feature bigger screen with higher resolution, it is also predicted that it will have a better battery compared to S5's 2800 mAh. A finger print scanner and a retina scanner are also some of the rumored features that will be present in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

As a phone packed with new features, tech-geeks predicted that Samsung Galaxy S6 will cost around $900 during its release that is said to be early next year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will serve as the hope of the Korea-based company, thus, everyone is hoping it will deliver or even exceed the expectation.

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