Taylor Swift New Song 'Style' Preview Released for Target Commerial From '1989' Album, Listen Here (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift New Song 'Style' Preview Released for Target Commerial From '1989' Album, Listen Here (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift is teasing the fourth song release off of her upcoming 1989 album. You can listen to a preview of her song "Style" above, which is being featured as a part of a Target commercial. The song is consistent with her synth pop sound from the other tracks on her new album released so far and of course it is as catchy as ever. 

"The Target commercial is out, and features a brand new song you haven't heard yettttttt....." the 24-year-old singer tweeted along with the link to the video.

"You got the long hair slicked back, white t-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt. And when we go crashing down we come back every time because we never go out of style, we never go out of style," Taylor sings on the new song.

If you buy Taylor's album 1989 at Target next week you'll get three bonus songs on the deluxe version, which is pretty great. 

Taylor has released three full songs now, with "Welcome to New York" being the most recent. Fans can purchase "Out of the Woods" on iTunes by clicking here. Swift's full album1989 is scheduled for release on October 27. Swift's first single "Shake It Off" immediately went to No.1 on the Billboard 100. 

Taylor shared that the reason for the title was that it is her birth date (December 13, 1989) but also that she likes to have two years in between albums to see her growth in her Yahoo live interview with fans. She shared that her new album would be her first full on pop album and inspired from the music of the 80's that she has been listening to. 

"I really loved the chances they were taking. I loved how bold it was," she said. "It was, apparently, a time of limitless potential. ... The idea of endless possibility was kind of a theme in the last year of my life."



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