The Avengers 3 Movie Release Date and Plot: Infinite Possibilities for the Marvel Studios, Getting to See More of Every Hero – What “The Avengers” Film Series Could be All About


The Avengers 3 Movie Release Date and Plot: Infinite Possibilities for the Marvel Studios, Getting to See More of Every Hero - What "The Avengers" Film Series Could be All About

So what's going on with Avengers 3? There were so many rumors regarding a third Avengers movie, but only few are confirmed so far. For example, it is already confirmed that the upcoming Avengers 3 movie plot will be related to the "Guardians of the Galaxy" film. Another confirmed rumor is that X-Men won't be part of the upcoming Avengers 3, and that Robert Downey Jr. will be reprising his role as "Iron Man" or Tony Stark in the third Avengers.

Given the number of Marvel movies so far, with most of them being well received, we can definitely expect the best out of The Avengers 3. The first Avengers movie earned as much as $1.5 billion worldwide two years ago. It is also likely for the Avengers 3 movie to earn that much or more, even for the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron film.

All that means is Avengers 3 can have an infinite number of possible line-up for the Avengers team. Let's just hope that same actors and actresses are reprising their roles from the original Avengers movie. For now, let's explore what we might possibly see from the Avengers 3 movie.

According to the rumors, Avengers 3 won't be the last. It's going to be a totally different movie, though. It is likely that Tony Stark may take the central role without the other familiar Avengers stars. The "Iron Man" might work with a totally different set of members, like Doctor Strange or Ant-Man.

This kind of set-up can be the selling point for The Avengers film series; changing the line-up of heroes from one Avenger film to another, so fans can explore and see how different heroes get along with one another. After all, we'll get to see more of every Marvel hero if we see each one of them working with different members and situations every time. 

Watch out for more news about the Avnegers 2 and the Avengers 3 release date.

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