Samsung Galaxy S6 Features, Specs, Display, Hardware, Release Date And Latest News: A Comprehensive Review

Samsung Galaxy S6
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Features, Specs, Display, Hardware, Release Date And Latest News: A Comprehensive Review 

The Korean tech adorned giant Samsung Company has been revolving around the Galaxy S5 smartphone with different variants and models. Finally, fans can hope for the next big thing apart from the S5 brand. The next instalment of the widely popular Samsung Galaxy S series will extend with Galaxy S6. Usually the S series smartphones opens the curtain in the middle of the year but Galaxy S6 is expected to arrive bit sooner. So fans can expect to have the sight of Samsung Galaxy S6 early or in the mid the 2015.

The recent speculation indicates that the release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 might target the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next year. MWC is expected to be held in May 2-5, 2015. However, gradually the release time frame will come to the light. It has been reported by sources that the new version will contain more advance and high tech configuration along with a smarter look. The primary leaks about the smartphone suggests that there will be a 5.3-inch screen size that will display 4K resolution. That's obviously a bit surprising for Samsung fans. Rumors also hints that it will contain 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution assisted by the traditional Super AMOLED display type.

The display speculation indicates some serious level of improvements and it is carried on the hardware specification also. The chipset is expected to be slotted with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, which has the Octa core system. The built in 64-bit architecture of the processor will be faster than ever. The processor will be merged with the upgrades to support the 4K streaming capability without any overheating issue. The RAM slot is expected to carry 4GB of RAM to perform faster.

The camera department will probably break the boundary of traditional 16MP sensor with advanced 20MP rear camera sensor. The device will feature iris scanner technology to enhance the privacy and protection system. The smartphone will come in a different body material than Samsung S5. It will possibly come with non-plastic body material like the Galaxy Alpha to provide a stunning design.

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