'GTA 5' Returning Players to Get New Characters, Latest Activities, and More Rewards with 'Grand Theft Auto V' New Versions; Rockstar Released List of the Upcoming Exclusive Content

Grand Theft Auto V
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'GTA 5' Returning Players To Get New Characters, Latest Activities, And More Rewards With 'Grand Theft Auto V' New Versions; Rockstar Released List Of The Upcoming Exclusive Content

Good news for the racers and players of the action adventure game from Rockstar Games. The New York-based game developer and publisher has recently announced the list of content boost and updates that awaits gamers who will purchase the new version of "Grand Theft Auto V," IGN reported.

"Grand Theft Auto V," released Sept. 2013, will have its new version available for PS4 Xbox One and PC. To give credit to "GTA V" loyalists, Rockstar said diverse exclusive contents await owners of the previous game's PS3 and Xbox 360 who will purchase the game's new versions.

The exclusive content includes new events in Los Santos and Blaine Country. These new challenges, once completed, give new set of rewards like Imponte Duke O'Death car and the Dodo seaplane. There will also be a new Michael-centric mission that will challenge the player to solve a murder mystery. If the gamer succeeds, he will be able to unlock two noir-style filters for GTA V's single-player mode that should give off the feeling of a "gritty, old-school crime classic."

Game Spot also reported GTA 5's Los Santos and Blaine Country will be populated by packs of wild animals. This will open up a new challenge for Franklin that will test his shooting skills. To help the Los Santos Tourist Board, the character will join the 'Wildlife Photography Challenge' where he will document new species of animal. Once the task is completed, a Kraken Sub reward awaits the player.

Returning players will also have the opportunity to unlike unique custom cars, once the gamer won in new stock car races. Price includes an upgrade to new cars like Muscle Cars. "GTA 5" new version also has new weapons, the experimental Rail Gun and with the gory Hatchet melee weapon, for its avid players.

"Grand Theft Auto" gamers can also have monkey outfits and Go Go Monkey Blista once they tracked down monkey graffiti around Los Santos. They can also possess Cheval Marshal Monster truck, a maneuverable Blimp along with the still unannounced 'fleet of classic GTA vehicles', Digital Spy reported.

Aside from the packed exclusives," GTA 5" also features better screen resolution, "increased draw distances, denser traffic, enhanced damage and weather effects, additional wildlife, 100 new songs and DJ mixes, and a new foliage system."

"Grand Theft Auto V" returning players will have to wait until Nov. 18 for next gen console version of the game. The PC version will be launched on a later date, Jan. 17, 2015.

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