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Satellites and Sirens

Nashville based synth group, Satellites & Sirens are poised to return with their DREAM Records debut "One Noise" this month. Their lead single "Jump Start Your Heart" is already causing a buzz across the media.  On top of their most anticipated new album, they will also be joining the We Won't Be Shaken tour featuring Building 429, Hawk Nelson and Family Force 5 in March.  We are honored to be able to catch up with this quartet for this exclusive interview: 

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of "One Noise."  This is your first album with DREAM Records, why did you choose to work with them?  

Thanks so much! We spent over a year talking to dream before finally deciding to partner with them.  We loved the fact that dream was a label that thought outside of the box, they weren't the normal industry label and were willing to take a chance and really get behind us.  They are hard working and just great people focused on ministry and that fell right in line with the band and we are so excited to be on the team.

Hallels:  How is "One Noise" different or the same in terms of the music compared to your previous albums?  

This record is different, but it still feels familiar, you will recognize the sound and influences, but hear a record that isn't afraid to be what it is.  We spent a lot of time over the last couple years leading worship, we have fallen in love with leading others in worship and you'll see that on this record.  At the same time you will feel some songs that aren't afraid to be pop.  We also wrote with a lot of people outside of the band, that is the first time that we have done that and we grew as song writers so the songs just feel more mature, we made sure every note and every lyric were what they should be. I think it will satisfy our current fan base and also open us up to an entire new group of people.

Hallels:  Your new single is "Jump Start Your Heart," can you tell our readers what the song's about?

This song is about how when we open ourselves up to letting God in that there will be change. We can't help but be different when when we choose to follow Him. 

Hallels:  You get to collaborate with Hawk Nelson's Jonathan Steingard on the song "Breakthrough" on the new album, how did you get to work with him?

I have known Jonathan for years now and our manager connected us to start writing for this record a year ago or so, and that is when we wrote the song "Magnetic" for the record.  I had such a great experience writing with him that we started talking about the possibility of him producing some songs for the record.  He produced 2 songs "One Noise" and "Holy Are You God" and when we asked him to sing on "Breakthrough" he was down for that too. Love how that song turned out!

Hallels:  One theme I can discern running across the album (i.e., on songs like "One Noise" and "United Kingdom") is the need for unity.  Why is unity so important amongst Christians?

I think unity is important because we are stronger together.  One man isn't as strong as ten.  We can handle more together than on our own, we were designed to have community and accountability and support.  When we come together we are brighter of a fire that more people will see and harder to burn out.  

Hallels:  Personally, I love the more worship focused ballads like "We Are Yours," "You Traded Heaven," and "Holy Are You God."  Ever thought of doing a live worship album somewhere down the track?

I'll be honest, hadn't thought about that until right now! But that could be something we do down the road, it's now on my list! Ha, thank you for that! 

Hallels:  You will also be touring in support of this record.  Can you let our readers know what they can expect out of this tour?

We are playing mostly new stuff but still have the old favorites in there!  It's a fun tour and everyone that comes out is going to have a good time!

Hallels: With the release of "One Noise," where can our readers go to purchase the album and find out more about your touring dates and venues?  

We are on iTunes and we will be in stores.  You can always come out to shows and grab a hard copy and you can keep up with us and tour dates on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or

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