Nexus 6 Pre-Order Details, Release Date, Specs And Price: The Nexus 6 Status Changes From “Coming Soon” Suddenly To “Out Of Stock.” But There Is Still Hope


Nexus 6 Pre-Order Details, Release Date, Specs And Price: The Nexus 6 Status Changes From "Coming Soon" Suddenly To "Out Of Stock." But There Is Still Hope

We have good and bad news for the Nexus 6 fans. The good news is that Google has put the upcoming Nexus 6 in the Google Play Store for pre-order, but the bad news is that the smartphone is already sold out.

According to Tech Times, there were many users who were just waiting for the smartphone to be put in the play store so that they could be among the first ones to pre-order it, but what they could have earlier seen as "coming soon" suddenly changed to "out of stock." This shows just how massive demand for a product could do to its sales. There are several reports that people were able to buy the smartphone, but the reports were not many. The question we are asking ourselves now is why Google had to earmark only few units for its initial release, knowing how much the demand was.

One of the obvious explanations is that there were very many users waiting for the smartphone to be put up for sale in the Google Play Store. It must be that massive purchases were made as the users flocked to the page almost all at the same time. There is, however, a report by MobileSyrup which goes on to explain about the Nexus 6 being sold out. The report said that most of the Nexus 6 units have been preserved for sale through carriers. This only means that it is only a small fraction of the smartphone which was sold directly to the users.

The major carriers in the U.S. namely AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular and Verizon have all lined up to sell the Nexus 6 under their respective programs. This means that the bulk of the initial release of Nexus 6 will be done by these companies. Meanwhile, the users continue to hope that they can still pre-order a Nexus 6 without having to do so through the carriers. They still continue monitoring the play store as there could be more units. If this does not happen, they will have to make the purchase through the carrier. Stay with us for more news.


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