TobyMac Accused of Dabbling with Satanic Occult

(Photo : TobyMac)

Images that appeared on Contemporary Christian artist's TobyMac's Facebook as well as the screens behind the stages of his recent tour have caused a controversy amongst fans.  Fans have accused TobyMac of promoting Satanic imagery through the pictures on the screens on his stage and Facebook as "baphomet." Baphomet is a goat headed humanoid figure that is often associated with the occult and Satanic practices. (See the image below). 

Fans chide: "What is it? Looks like a baphomet" and "Not gonna lie... first glance the image resembles a satanic figure (goat head)." 

Currently, the popular Christian music singer and songwriter is on the "Worship Stories and Song Tour" with Matt Maher and Ryan Stevenson. The tour has an intimate setting and is a much more cozy type of show. The stage is set like it is log cabin and there are four screens that display a variety of images in the background.

However, Toby's web team was there to shut down comments that something evil was brewing in the imagery. "It's a moose head & antlers," replied Toby's page. They continued, "The backdrop is wood planks so it's like a hunting/rustic vibe. Just one of many images/video on the screen during the show. The photograph doesn't show it as well as if you see it in person."


TobyMac(Photo : Facebook: TobyMac)

This is also not the first time TobyMac have been accused of their artwork.  When his album "Eye on It" came out, fans complained that the album cover looks like the Eye of Horus, or the All Seeing Eye, which is again tied to the occult and Illuminati.

Toby debunks claim on his site under the FAQ section. "Though the world can twist almost anything for bad, my intentions were pure regarding the focused eye in my artwork. I am an athlete and my Dad always told me to keep my 'eye on it' in the context of focusing on the ball," he wrote. "So that's where the album title originated. Then, translating that analogy to life, fixing my eye on what matters to me-Jesus and my walk with Him. I also love this verse Matthew 6:22 - 'Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body, when your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light.'"




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