Hillsong Worship "Peace Has Come" Single Review


Hillsong Worship, the worship team that first brought the Australian church to an international level, is not about to toppled by its younger counterpart Hillsong Young and Free (Hillsong Y&F).  A few weeks after the youthful side of the same church has released their Christmas single "Noel," the more mature team led by worship pastor Reuben Morgan has serviced their 2014 Christmas single "Peace Has Come."  

In many ways, "Peace Has Come" is sonically antithetic to Hillsong Y&F's "Noel."  While "Noel" is a  traditional carol set alight with fresh pulsating UK-dance titled beeps, "Peace Has Come" is a hybrid of a new song done in traditional Hillsong anthemic pop-rock flare.  Without trying to sell out on their congregational cynsoure sound, Ben Fielding, Seth Simmons and Ben Hastings have carefully crafted this Christmas worship piece with a sing-along melody that builds to an exploding crescendo.  A hook that will get churches bursting forth in singing: "Holy, Holy, Holy/Jesus we adore thee/Peace has come, for our King is with us."  

Two aspects of "Peace Has Come" will curry the favor of worshippers across the globe:  first, just like their song "Cornerstone," "Peace Has Come" reverently incorporates the Christmas hymn "O Come All Ye Faithful" into its bridge, giving this song a familiar feel to it.  In this regard, "Peace Has Come" will not only make those who are looking for novelty in Christmas singing happy, but it will also appease the traditionalists.  Second, Hillsong Worship has been unfairly blighted by uninformed critics as a worship team that churns out theologically trite songs.  This is not the case with "Peace Has Come."  How many Christmas songs of late has tied together the doctrine that Jesus is both fully man and fully God in a way that doesn't weigh the song down in theological mire?  "Peace Has Come," in this regard, is a textbook example of how to be theologically profound yet accessable.

In short, "Peace Has Come" doesn't disappoint; it's Hillsong Worship at their festive best.



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