Darlene Zschech, John Piper, Rick Warren, UNITED & Brian Houston Share Words of Encouragement About Good Friday & Easter

Good Friday

As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter this weekend, here are some words of wisdom from some of our church leaders that can help encourage us in our contemplation of Jesus and His finished work.  Taya Smith of Hillsong UNITED gets to the heart of what Easter means when she writes on her social media:  "Easter: a very signigicant time that actually has nothing to do with chocolate but it is all about our saviour, Jesus."

On Facebook, megachurch pastor Rick Warren explains why Good Friday is called "good:" What's GOOD about #GoodFriday? "God CANCELED the record of all our sins & guilt by nailing it to Christ's cross" Col.2:14." 

Going deeper, popular author and preacher John Piper says, "Number one, marvel at the power of the risen Christ to subject all things to himself. There are two senses in which he has this power. He is God. You don't need any more authority than that to subdue all things to yourself. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus Christ is God and therefore he has divine rights, creator rights to subdue all reality under his feet. However, there is another sense in which he has that power, because what we learn in the New Testament is that God the Father thought it fitting and wise and just and beautiful and good and right that the one who would reign over humans and reign over all the pain of humans and all the sin of humans should be one of them before he assumes his role as reigning judge over them. There is a fitness in God's mind that the one who will rule should also redeem, that the one who will come as the lion of Judah will first be the lamb slain on the cross for the sins of those he is coming to damn if they reject him. It is fitting that one who sits upon the throne of the universe calling the shots, heaven or hell, will have come among them and said: I will save you. I will save you, if you will have me." 

Always one who has a worshipful heart, Darlene Zschech encourages: "Every worship leader.. Do not hold back.. Announce and declare all that Jesus has done.. Xx Hebrews 12:1-2#GoodFriday."

While Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church, focues in on what Easter brings. "PEACE BE WITH YOU. What a beautiful picture of the God we serve.  Peace is a gift from God. Peace is a calmness and quiet even in the midst of danger, discouragement and disillusionment. Jesus' death, and His resurrection came to give us that peace. Not just then and not just now, but for eternity."  



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