Blanca “Who I Am” EP Review


Prime Cuts:  Who I Am, Sunshine, Different Drum

Blanca's brand new EP "Who I Am" is a purpose-driven record.  In a culture often swayed by the cacophony of godless rhetoric where Christian young adults live no different from their worldly peers, "Who I Am" is the type of record that gives definition to what being a child of God looks like.  Never apologetic or jittery or compromising, these 5 songs have a razor-sharp focus in helping us strive towards Godliness without removing one from the world.  If one is not too audacious, "Who I Am" is the type of soundtrack that sets to music the words of Jesus in John 17:16. 

Blanca was the lead singer of Christian hip hop group Group 1 Crew for almost a decade of the group's existence (2003 to 2013).  Granted that Blanca has sang with TobyMac and Hawk Nelson since her departure from Group 1 Crew, "Who I Am," released via WORD, is her first solo EP.  And it starts off on a high note with the current single and title cut "Who I Am."  Commencing with Christmas-y sounding bells before giving way to some smooth synth riffs and clipped percussion beats, "Who I Am" is celebrative reminder that we (who are redeemed) have our zip codes in Christ Jesus.  "Sunshine" continues that sunny and perky pop punch set out by the lead single.  This time "Sunshine" is a worship piece that revels in the warmth of Jesus who brightens our lives and who leads us in path ahead.

Fans who have loved Group 1 Crew more hip hop edge will find affinity with "Not Backing Down," a stand up for Godly values song that ought to be the life anthem of all of us who call Jesus Lord.  Featuring Tedashii on a guest rap section, "Not Backing Down" is filled with reverbs, auto-voicing and crisp dance beats we have all loved from Blanca's earlier days.  "Different Drum" veers more into the dance genre with lots of retarded Brit-disco beats; a song that sets to music the teaching of Jesus in John 17:16.

If there are things to gripe about, it's that "Echo" sounds too much like "Sunshine" and one would love to hear Blanca croon a ballad or two.  This only makes one look forward towards Blanca's full-length album to come.  Nevertheless, in a milieu of Godlessness and aimlessness, Blanca's new EP is a Godly compass. 



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