Jason Nelson “Jesus Revealed” Album Review

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Prime Cuts:  Way Maker, The Lamb, God is Great

When you sing about Jesus, you can never run out of good songs.  This is because our Lord always inspires awesome praises.  Jason Nelson's latest RCA Inspiration album "Jesus Revealed" is a Christ-besotted album.  In a milieu where worship music retards to the level of bubblegum pop with a mackled vocabulary of high-school love letters, Nelson's "Jesus Revealed" is a rock solid effort astir with images and metaphors nuanced from Holy Writ.  Traversing through the passage of time as he traces way back into the Old Testament of how God reveals himself to the patriarchs, the prophets, the kings, and culminating in Jesus Christ, every song on this album gives exposition to this great Divine Revelation. On one hand, this CD could be a tome of Biblical theology, yet on the other hand, it is also immediately accessible to theological novice with its heart-warming live worship tunes and singable lyrics.

Jason Nelson burst onto the scene in 2005 with his independent albums, "I Shall Live," "Brand New Day," and "Place of Worship" in 2008.  As his ongoing ascent to the forefront of Gospel music continued, Jason penned the title track "Thirsty" for Marvin Sapp's #1 album release of the same name.  In 2012 Jason signed with Verity/RCA Inspiration and released "Shifting The Atmosphere, which debuted at #3 on the Gospel Album chart and featured two Top 5 Gospel Radio hits, the title track "Shifting The Atmosphere" and "Nothing Without You." His major label debut earned him a Stellar Award for Best Praise and Worship CD.  Now he's back with "Jesus Revealed."

The album starts off with "Intro," a cinematic-sounding monologue where Nelson carefully chronicles through the pages of Holy Scripture of how Jesus was not just a frivolous flicker in God's plan.  Rather, he has been prophesied way back, thousands of years ago, by the prophets.  "God is Great" is the apt response after such a powerful sermonizing.  Listing a whole litany of what God has done including "measuring mountains in his hands," "God is Great" doesn't hover on the superficial.  Radio single "I Am," which comes from the vantage of God about what he can do, is let down a tad by its overtly long twining melody. Much better is the title track "Jesus Reveled," which has a soaring melody.

What is most glowing about this album is that Nelson doesn't just come across as a singer, but on "The Lamb" he actually leads us in worship.  You can find yourself being drawn closer and closer to Jesus on this Biblically lavished song.  "Way Maker," the album's big ballad, is a gem.  Anyone who feels like being trapped by life's suffocating roadblocks will find liberty when Nelson croons:  "Through mountain's high and valley's low/Through the worst of it, you're always by my side/Even if you have to open the sea/I Know I'll make it because you are my guide." And when you put a power house like Tasha Page-Lockhart together with Nelson, flames ignite on the worship anthem "I See the Lord."

On "Jesus Revealed," Pastor Nelson not only reveals the splendor of Jesus to us, but after listens, you will find yourself revealed to the Lord himself. 



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