Prayers Are Needed for Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Who Was Found Unconscious in Her Bathtub

Bobbi Kristina Brown

On January 31st, Bobbie Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found unconscious in her bathtub in her home in Roswell, Ga.  What makes it more eerie is that this happened days away from her mother's third death anniversary.  In 2012, Whitney Houston was found dead in her bath tub in a hotel in Beverly Hills. 

The 21-year-old Brown was discovered in her bathtub by her husband, Nick Gordon, as well as a friend, police confirmed Saturday. After she was discovered, authorities "took over life-saving measures until an ambulance arrived," the Roswell Police Department posted in a statement on Facebook. She was later revived and taken to North Fulton Hospital.

TMZ further reported that after the incident a search warrant had been issued, but police found no drugs at the residence. Bobbi Kristina's cousin, YF Kennedy, spoke to E! News about Brown, sharing that as of press time the family wasn't aware of why she was found unresponsive.

"Krissi doesn't do drugs," he said. "She hasn't been drinking or doing drugs and she's cut down on cigarettes. She's been trying to get her music together and keep her voice clean. Her voice is so beautiful."

"She's still been going through the grieving stages but is trying to keep her spirits up," he said. "She's been going to the gym every day with her husband and trying to be happy. She swims a lot.. It's a rough time lately with the anniversary," he continued. "So this is a blow to the family."

The family has asked for our prayers for Brown at this time.

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