WWJD The Journey Continues Starring John Schneider Coming to DVD (Watch Trailer Here)


Coming to DVD on March 31st is "WWJD: The Journey Continues."  The movie features John Schneider, Lorenzo Lamas, Mike C. Manning, Peter Sebastian Wrobell, and Joseph Nasser.  It will be directed by Gabriel Sabloff and produced by Jack Nasser.

"WWJD: The Journey Continues" is a good follow-up to the first film! It once again features John Schneider as the "Drifter," a figure who comes into town and makes people think about how well their lives are lined up with what they say they believe according to Scripture.

Several plots are interwoven throughout. The movie opens with Joseph Beardsley (Peter Sebastian Wrobell), a pastor, saying good-bye to his dying mother. Joseph's adopted brother Jimmy (Joseph Nasser) is just being released from prison and Joseph's mother encourages him to reach out to his wayward sibling. He does reach out to Jimmy, but then a tragic event happens at the church that involves a man named Jack (Lorenzo Lamas). Jack's sons Nick (Mike C. Manning) and Matt (Brady Hender) find their father, who hasn't been home in a long time, but they also learn of his involvement in the tragic event at the church. During all this the Drifter comes along needing prayer and food, and it is only when he helps open the people's eyes that they begin to realize they have not been doing what Jesus would do. Pastor Joseph, who almost left the church at one point, finds a renewed faith and hopes to see everyone's situation turn around, including that of Jack's long suffering wife, Frances (Raquel Elizabeth Ames). Pastor Joseph had been told by a church official that the inner city church was the bottom of the barrel. "No church is the bottom of the barrel," he replies.

The film features themes of forgiveness and keeping faith during difficult times, and a good line too: "'Perfect' is in Heaven and in the dictionary." We approve this film for ages 12 and over and are happy to award it our Faith Friendly Seal. This is an inspiring film!




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