You Can Be Part of Karen Peck and New River's New Video "Pray Now"

Karen Peck and New River

You can become part of Karen Peck and New River's forthcoming new video "Pray Now."  The new single is the lead song taken from their Daywind Recods forthcoming release of the same titular, "Pray Now."

"Pray Now" is a song that encourages Christians to pray the Lord's Prayer. As tragedies, natural disasters and political unrest increase around us, 'Pray Now' creates an urgency for Christians to pray now more than ever before. In keeping with this poignant message, the group's music video will revolve around prayer, in all forms and by Christians everywhere. 

This is where you come in!

Film a video of someone praying; yourself, your family, your kids, your grandkids, your co-workers, your church, anyone! 

Please make this video no more than 15 seconds long and make sure to film it holding your camera or phone horizontally. 

Next, email your video to

All submissions need to be received by April 8th to be considered.

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