Of One Accord Shares About their Forthcoming Album and How We Can Be A Part of It

Of One Accord

Of One Accord blends the sweet-sounding harmonies of good old-fashioned southern gospel music with a contemporary feeling to make each concert a musical experience. From old standards like Step Into The Water and Hide Thou Me to a host of new music, Of One Accord has a message in song for every one. The group makes its home in Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas.

Baritone-vocalist David McMahon and bass-vocalist Darrin Bruner co-founded the group in 2004 to reach the lost and encourage believers through the ministry of southern gospel music and their personal testimonies. Within a month, they added lead-vocalist John Graves. Two years later tenor-vocalist Ben Posey was added to the group. The newest addition to the quartet is tenor/lead-vocalist Nick Sanders. In that short time, the group has performed for local churches, at gospel festivals and home-goings, onstage at SGM Fan Fair, and in many National Quartet Convention showcases. Each member shares a deep love of southern gospel music.

The timeless message found in these rich harmonies impacts each of their lives every day, and they want to share that message with others. With a rich diversity in backgrounds and sounds reminiscent of The Cathedrals and the Statesmen quartets, the combination of all four voices blended together in tight harmonies has audiences sitting on the edge of their seats. 

Hallels:  Tell us a little about Of One Accord.  How did you come together?

Of One Accord is one of those groups that you hear about starting out of a local church, you know, a couple of guys have a vision to get out of the pew and go spread the Gospel through song. David McMahon and Darrin Bruner baritone and bass for the group decided that they would start small and sing where invited and maybe even at funerals for friends and families loved ones to encourage those hurting and before you know it the group was at NQC performing in regional showcases just a few short years after their start. In 2005 the group would make a personnel change and then found tenor singer Ben Posey to come in as the front man for the group and would help lead Of One Accord aggressively into more dates and a more progressive style of southern gospel while sticking close to their roots of a traditional southern gospel quartet. The personnel change has been successful for nearly 10 years as the guys have traveled singing and even had the opportunity to sing off the cuff with the Gaither Vocal Band on the exhibit hall floor at NQC. Of One Accord recently acquired a new lead singer Nick Sanders who has already come in and is putting his stamp on some of the groups existing and new flavor of songs to come for the group.
Hallels:  Of all the Southern Gospel music out there, what makes the sound of Of One Accord unique?

We really believe in being ourselves. What you see off stage is what you get on stage. We love the Lord and He is first and I believe that lends to our sound as we minister. Some have said we remind them of an early Statler Brothers or Oak Ridge Boys. Those are both great company to be included with! We work hard to not copycat, instead we take great songs that have been sung by some of our heroes and we put our own style into singing them.
Hallels:  I believe you are currently recording your new album, what's the vision you have for this new album?

Our new album will have a mix of a few old songs like Beulah Land and Just a Little Talk with Jesus to some newer songs that you'll love, we hope :)
Hallels:  Will there be originals or covers or both?  

Hallels:  Who are you working with for this album in terms of songwriters and producer(s)?

We have some songs from the great Diane Wilkinson, Squire Parsons, Joe Gordon and many more.  
Hallels:  When do you anticipate the release of this new album?

We hope to have this album out on our product table and website for sale late summer. Our goal is August release.
Hallels:  How can our readers find out more about this new album and/or help in the raising of funds for this new record?

We sure would appreciate as an ministry does, folks to give whatever they can to further the work of the Kingdom and spread the Gospel. They can visit to learn and hear from the guys or go to

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