Hillsong Lobby Australian Government Because Christians Keep Stealing Their Music

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Hillsong Music, which includes UNITED, Hillsong Young and Free and Hillsong Worship, is arguably the most successful Christian group in Australia.  But their music is also most pirated. The major culprits stealing their music are Christians. The megachurch has recent been lobbying the Australia government to aid them with this serious problem of illegal downloading.

"Despite the demographic of our audience being predominantly Christian, sadly we are not immune to the challenges posed by music piracy," the organisation wrote in a submission to an inquiry on the government's draft copyright laws. 

Australian legislation recently put before parliament will allow rights holders to seek a court injunction forcing internet service providers to block access to piracy websites hosted overseas and Hillsong are one of the first to take the step.

According to Hillsong Music Australia and Hillsong Music Publishing, the band Hillsong United, one of the church's most popular acts, has been cited by industry group Music Rights Australia as one of the most pirated music groups in the country.

However, despite efforts to crack down on piracy (as if the whole "Thou shalt not steal" thing wasn't enough), Hillsong say that when websites are not hosted or run in Australia, the church is left "effectively powerless" to crack down on illegal sites.





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