Lonnie Hunter on Being a Radio Show Host & His New Album: "Procrastination is DEAD #GETITDONE"

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Stellar Award winning recording artist, choir conductor and syndicated radio show host, Lonnie Hunter, has signed with Tyscot Music & Entertainment, the oldest minority-owned and operated gospel label in the USA. The label will release Hunter's new radio single "Forever I Will" in March. The inspiring new anthem features Hunter's vocal ensemble Structure and the song anchors his forthcoming #GETITDONE album. 

Hallels: I have been reading your bio and it says you were once a soloist for the US Air Force Jazz Band, tell us more about those days.

I graduated from high school early to allow me the time to go to basic training and tech school. Since I left high school early, I was able to finsh basic training and start college on time. I enlisted with plans to do a completely different job. I was walking through a hanger one day and heard the jazz band rehearsing, stopped in just to listen and ended up auditioning on a whim and for the next 6 years allI did was travel the country as a lead vocalist with the band.

Hallels: You are also involved as a radio with your own show. How did you feel the Lord's call into the radio ministry?

The radio ministry was birthed out of an effort to expand the music brand. I started by brokering a two hour Saturday night show. My show ended up being heard by Sandra Robinson and Elroy Smith, two radio giants in Chicago Radio. They hired me to do weekends on the 24hr gospel station which turned into me hosting the morning drive for the next 10+years.

Hallels: Let's talk about your #Getitdone campaign, what is it aboutand how did it start?

The #GETITDONE campaign was God inspired New Years Eve 2014...After hearing resolution after resolution, God said its time to just#GETITDONE. Whatever your "IT" is just #GETITDONE. Playtime is over and procrastination is DEAD #GETITDONE, ,, I started sharing thatmindset with my radio audience which turned into a sportswear line and now the #GETITDONE cd project.

Hallels: You are about to release your new live album #Getitdone.What do you hope your listeners will be able to grasp after listeningto this album?

My prayer for this project is that all who hear it will be able to tap in to what God has already equipped them with and bring it tofruition and #GETITDONE

Hallels: What are some of the songs on this record you are most excited about?

There are so many songs on this project that I am excited about because of the way it has stretched me musically. From the current single "Forever I Will" to the Spoken word single entitled #GETITDONEI have tried to make this project one that will cater to every personno matter where they may be on their #GETITDONE journey.

Hallels: I absolutely love your rendition of "My Tribute," why didyou choose to cover this hymn?

This song was a no brainer for me. First of all it is a timeless classic and secondly I wanted to do something that would honor the life and legacy of Andre Crouch who was not only a gospel giant,,, he is the reason why gospel music's landscape has the sound andpersonality it does today.

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase your music and/orfind out more about you, where can they go?

The cd is available wherever gospel music is sold and also online for download. 

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