Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell Talk About What to Expect from "Mary Mary" & Address the Issue of Rivalry

Mary Mary

The fourth season of the popular TV reality series "Mary Mary" starring sisters Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell started airing on Thursday night (May 7).  There's no formal word yet as to whether there will be a fifth season of Mary Mary.  However, the series continues to attract strong viewership. The fourth season's March 5 premiere garnered 1.3 million total viewers, per Nielsen, which also ranks the show's current season-to-date average at 1.1 million total viewers. 

When quizzed by Billboard about what fans can expect from this season, Erica Campbell says:  "If I had to give this season a classification, it would be the evolution of the individuals. Most of our fan base knows us as a unit; thinking that we do everything in tandem. But we're also two individuals: women with our own thoughts, visions and views."

However, in response to rumors that there was rivalry between the sisters, Tina Campbell disagrees. "Erica and Tina are each others biggest supporters. We are the best of sisters," Tina told Parlé magazine when asked about the suggestions. "We love each other, we ain't in competition with each other. I'm not Erica, I'm not trying to be Erica, she's not me, she's not trying to be me."

She further suggested that people stop comparing them. "The world can put us in competition with each other and do all those things but I would suggest that they don't because that's not our truth," Tina told the magazine. "We're real sisters who really support each other."

So, how long will they want the series to last? "Not forever." Tina Campbell laughs, "But we're hopeful the network is pleased with the outcome and there will be another season." 



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