Natasha Owens Returns with "No One But You"

Natasha Owens

Contemporary Christian pop artist Natasha Owens returns with her sophomore effort "No One But You." This new 5 song EP drops on August 28th. Produced by award-winning producer, Ed Cash, with Cash co-writing all five songs on the EP, the title track is the first single and is currently going for adds at Christian radio. 

 In 2014, Owens released her first national album, I Made It Through, which was featured in CCM Magazine and received a stellar review from Music News Nashville that called her, an amazing artist/singer. "No One But You" delivers an overall powerful message of restoration and healing that magnifies how God will continually provide support and carry us, no matter how desperate the situation or how big the obstacles are.

Each track, while beautifully unique in its own right, illuminates the idea of rising above.The record's, "Move Me," chronicles the struggle Owens experienced upon learning of her father's early and unexpected death, while the ballad single explains her season of grief and struggle. "We Will Rise" announces God's victory over death, as her father's tragedy helped to lay the foundation for what would become the next chapter in her heart, her healing and her ministry. 

"When we go through faith shaking circumstances in our life, we have to do more than just make it through.  For many people, as soon as they make it through a crisis they stop there. They stagnate and continue to reflect on their own season of loss," states Owens. "Our purpose in life is to rise above our circumstance and help someone else. God's intent for His children wasn't limited to survival. He intends for us to thrive."  With a clear direction for her new project, Owens teamed up with industry heavyweight, producer Ed Cash. It was only one meeting explaining her heart behind the new record that landed him squarely in the production chair. "Natasha's story and heart are very compelling and that comes out in her voice and songs. She is a wonderful picture of the healing hand of God and the joy that he alone can bring through pain," adds Cash.

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