Getting to Know the Furrows: 40 Years, 3 Generations, 1 Message


The Furrow Family has been known for their ministry through the Word and song for over 100 years. Greg, Paul, and Sarah make up the latest rendition of a legacy that has impacted many lives. This family group brings the best of classic southern gospel with a unbeatable family harmony dynamic. God has blessed their endeavors over the past years and brought them to the point they are at today. Aiming to reach millions with the gospel, ministry is the number one priority. They have been featured artists at Dollywood's Harvest and Gospel Fest and are currently producing an album with Nashville's Butler Music Group with legendary gospel radio host, promotor, and former publisher of Singing News Magazine, Les Butler. The Furrows are walking in faith, trusting God to help them answer the call that He has placed on their lives. 

Hallels:  I like what your website says, "40 Years, 3 Generations, 1 Message."  Tell us more about the Furrow Family, how did it start?

I've been singing with my Dad in church since I was three years old-almost 22 years now. I jumped up on a Sunday and grabbed a mic. They haven't gotten me to put it down since!! My grandmother passed away back in 2011. My dad and I wanted to sing a song at her funeral, but were missing the third harmony part. My great uncle, Paul graciously agreed to step up to the plate and the first time we rehearsed together, we knew it was something special. Paul had traveled for years with groups like the Couriers, Embers, and the Hawks Trio. After a lot of prayer and guidance, we knew that we needed to share our message with others. Four years later, here we are enjoying the journey that God has given us. 

Hallels:  What is the "1 Message" you have been advocating?  

Every time we sing, we desire to let people know that Jesus loves them. No matter how big or small the problem is that you face, God is greater and is more than able to meet the need. We want God to use us as His voice-to be His hands and feet to a lost and dying world.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Here and Now."  How would you describe your style of music as reflected in this album?

This album reflects each of us individually in the songs that we chose. My dad Greg, Uncle Paul, and I are each very different in our musical tastes, but put together it made for what I feel is a strong album that has the ability to reach all types of listeners. While our roots are deep in Southern Gospel, we truly tried to reach a wide audience. You'll hear everything from bluegrass, country gospel, classic southern gospel ballads, hymns, and contemporary songs. 

Hallels:  When you were looking out for songs to record for this record, what do you look out for in a song? 

We searched for songs with a high gospel content and were seeking songs that followed the theme of this project. We sought out lyrics that would stand up against the troubles people are facing "Here & Now"--songs of hope, encouragement, and faith. I've always said if one line of one song can make a difference for one person, our efforts are worth it all. 

Hallels:  I believe you have quite a number of notable songwriters on the record.  Tell us who some of them are. 

We had the privilege to record songs written by, who I believe, are the finest in gospel music. I grew up around this music and followed the SG industry, hearing the songs and anointed messages presented by writers like Marcia Henry, Kenna West, Lee Black,  Dianne Wilkinson, and Kyla Rowland. I had always hoped for the opportunity to record one of their songs. It is truly a dream come true. We are very humbled! 

Hallels:  Why did you entitle the record "Here and Now"? 

This entire project happened by faith. The opportunity to work with the one and only Les Butler was far beyond anything we had ever imagined. It was a GOD thing. Going forward, we knew we wanted to compile a group of songs that were anointed and presented a message of hope to help folks deal with what is happening "here and now". With the help of the Butler Music Group team, we feel that we successfully produced a record that proclaims our message.

Hallels:  With Christmas around the corner, what does Christmas mean to you? 

 Christmas is a time to reflect and be thankful for the true gift that was given-the reason that we sing! We LOVE Christmas music and have hopes to record a project in the future! We're always looking for a reason to add a new Christmas tune to our program!

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you and your music, where can they go? 

We would love for you to visit us on Facebook (The Furrows Music) or on the web ( of our albums are available for purchase on our website, as well as for download on iTunes and Amazon. Be listening for our latest single, "I've Come Too Far" on the radio! 


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