Joey Feek Dances One Last Time with Her Husband Rory

joey + rory feek

Cancer strickened Joey Feek of Joey + Rory can no longer get out of bed.  However, on the last day Joey could still walk, her husband Rory took her in his arms and the couple danced together one last time.  The Feeks swayed together for their last dance singing to George Strait's 1983 #1 hit "You Look So Good in Love."

Rory Feek, who has been documenting his wife's battle with the disease on his blog, writes: "A few days ago, on the last day Joey walked, I took her in my arms in the living room and once more put her hand in mine and we danced," he wrote. "She steadied with her cane and I softly moved her across the room singing George Strait's "You Look So Good In Love" in her ear. In the middle of the song though, as I was being careful not to step on her toes -- she stopped and looked up at me and said, 'How about if I lead?' "

The pair came to fame after appearing in 2008 on the CMT reality singing competition "Can You Duet." They had a hit with their single "Cheater, Cheater" that same year. The couple also appeared in commercials for

In June 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer not long after the birth of the couple's daughter, Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome. In 2015, Joey announced that the cancer had returned and spread to her colon. In October of that year, Rory revealed in a blog post that Joey's cancer was terminal and they were stopping all treatment. 

The Feeks will be releasing their new album "Hymns that Are Important to Us" on Valentine's Day next year.  The album finds the couple rendering some of their favorite hymns including "Softly and Tenderly" and "Amazing Grace."


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