Jim Thomas of Gospel Duo Jim and Cookie Has Died

Jim and Cookie

Jim Thomas of the Gospel music duo "Jim and Cookie" has passed away.  Fans were shocked to learn that Jim passed away of a heart attack while he and his wife Cookie were on a cruse in Florida. On Cookie's Facebook post last night, she details what happened:

"Monday was a great, and Tuesday we went for breakfast had a 1 hr meeting and then went for coffee. Went to the room for a nap and as I has laying my head on his chest he begin wheezing. He then begin to say he couldn't breathe. From that point on he just couldn't breathe. Unfortunately his lung were filling up with fluids. After receiving meds and breathing treatments from doctors we thought he was doing better, only to realize that there was a blood clot,which led to a heart attack. I walked on the ship with a husband and left the ship without a husband (and Destiny no father)."  

Cookie later shares how their daughter Destiny took the news that her dad has died. "Destiny just came in the house full of tears because she was listening to "Closer to You" - she told me to advise anyone that is having a struggle with Jim's passing to listen to this song. She said " the only place to be right now... is closer to God". I smiled and thought to myself "Jim and I did something right, we've always wanted Gods people to draw closer to Him.""  

Jim's body is still in Florida, and he needs to be brought home.  If you are so inclined, you can donate to help bring Jim home as the family prepares a fitting farewell.

Your continued prayers for the Thomas family are appreciated as Jim's wife, daughter, extended family and gospel community prepare to bid farewell to one of the best to such a special man. 

Jim and Cookie Thomas were both raised in the church. Their songs reflect their loves relationship with Christ. They have just released their latest album "Born For Worship" last August and their first single from the album "Rejoice" was gaining traction at radio. 

Here is the tracklistig for "Born for Worship:"

1. Bring God in the House

2. Bless the Lord (feat. Jonathan Clifton)

3. Hard to Believe

4. Rejoice (feat. Darrell Blair)

5. Fill This Room (feat. Brittany Stevenson)

6. Let His Praises (feat. Willinda Franklin)

7. Closer to You

8. As I Worship (feat. Patron Thomas)

9. I Am Yours (feat. Dorothy Bedford)

10. Worthy Is the Lamb

11. Sound of Worship (feat. Dorothy Bedford)

12. Fragrance of Worship 

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