Jordan Smith Reflects on His Win: "My Faith is the Thing that Gives Me Strength"

Jordan Smith

This week 22 year-old Kentucky native Jordan Smith was named the winner of Season 9 The Voice's winner.  The announcement was made after Smith delivered a rousing rendition of "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music. Stars like Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, and The Weeknd also performed to help close out the ninth season on a high note. As the winner, Smith will be earning $100,000, a Republic Records recording contract and a Nissan Altima car 

Smith, who grew up singing in a church choir and has a repertoire that includes pop, gospel and Christian music, said he never assumed he would win.

"It's just crazy. You never know what's going to happen. You have goals and dreams and then always doubt creeps in," said the singer, who cited a rendition of Queen'sSomebody to Love as a season highlight.  "There were so many times when I did not expect to be in this position. And I'm still blown away by that. This is so surreal, because I never expected it. But I'm so proud to be sitting here."

Levine gave Smith, who got a rare four-chair turnaround from the coaches during blind auditions, all the credit for giving Team Adam its third victory in nine seasons.

The Team Adam winners "were all so good, I couldn't possibly have screwed it up. ... I won because (Jordan is) on my team," said Levine, claiming Smith is a better singer than he is. "It's fun to be this guy's coach. Every single time he got on stage and sang, I never had to fake it and pretend to be proud."

Smith is set to pursue a career in music, though the direction and genre he will be pursuing is not clear at the moment.  Nevertheless, it's not his success that defines him.  Rather, for Smith, it's his faith in Jesus who gives him definition. "My faith is the thing that gives me strength and that I find joy in. At the end of the day with my problems and concerns, I can turn to God and I can have peace in my situation. That's been the main thing that's carried me through this. My relationship with God has kept me grounded and has been my foundation through all of it," he explained. 


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