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Since 1995, Master's Voice has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Though God has led some men away from MV and into other places of ministry, He has never one time failed to bring in another man just as passionate, just as talented, just as committed.  Through the years, the heart and motivation of Master's Voice has not wavered once.  This group has, first and foremost, vowed to sing and preach Jesus till all know...or He returns.  Secondly - this group is devoted to musical excellence, understanding that this "music with a message" requires the utmost professionalism, preparation, commitment, clarity, doctrinal sound"ness" and passionate vocals.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Undivided" with Sonlite Records.  Why did you choose to work with Sonlite?  

Life is full of difficult decisions.  This was not one of those.  Sonlite Records has an impeccable reputation of taking artists to new heights, and that was something we were praying for.  When we realized what this company stood for and what the staff was like, we were convinced this was something God had orchestrated.  Great days are ahead!

Hallels:  Why did you entitle your new record "Undivided"?  

It is a rare commodity for a group of men to share the same passions, commitments and goals.  It is important for all of us here to not only create a "family atmosphere," but to hold each other accountable to live out this faith that we preach and sing about.  We definitely do not want to get in the way of God blessing us...we are honored to be unified and "undivided." 

Hallels:  How do you hope this new record will impact the lives of your listeners? 

We certainly hope that the listeners are convinced that we truly believe what we are singing.  Cherish this "vapor" of a life.  All around us, there are people sifting through life and settling for merely religion.  We pray this new record prods them to know and understand what a real relationship with Christ is all about.  

Hallels:  Did you approach the making of this album any differently from your previous albums?  

Not really.  It is all about the song.  You can have the best voices and the best arrangements, but if it isn't a good song/message, then it will never be memorable.  God has really trusted us with powerful songs, and we are honored to sing them.  It is important for us to be able to offer something to all people, and this record is eclectic enough to do just that.  

Hallels:  How does it make you feel that "I Can Hardly Wait To Fly" (written by Regina Walden) was DJ voted as the # 4 Singing News Top New Release?  

Humbled!  Regina Walden is a very gifted writer, so it is no surprise that her song is having success; however, for us to quickly get the DJ's attention on our inaugural Sonlite record is special.  All the glory goes to our Lord!

Hallels:  What I really love about the album is the twist you place on the songs.  I particularly love "Things God Doesn't Know," we often teach God knows everything, but yet you put a fabulous spin on the song.  For our readers who have not heard this song yet, tell us mo​re about this song.  

God is absolutely sovereign!  He is all-knowing, which is why the title is a little "jarring."  Our hope is that the listener will be as morbidly curious as we were to see why in the world anyone would say there are "Things God doesn't know."  Then comes the hook!  God will never know what it is like to love us any less, for He loves unconditionally, which means it isn't contingent on our performance or whether or not we deserve His love...frankly, we never will.  It is rare for a song to have an "aha" moment, making this song one people will undoubtedly reference.  

Hallels:  What are your plans now in promoting this new album?  Where can our readers come to hear and see you guys perform? 

Master's Voice has also transitioned from a trio to a quartet, so most of our fans for the past 21 years are anxious to hear our new sound.  Our plan is to go to every radio station in captivity and meet the DJs that have the daunting task of choosing the music they want to play.  We also have exciting tours scheduled from coast to coast, up into Alaska and Canada, and over to Australia!!!  With the expertise of our Sonlite Records family, "Undivided" is sure to make a statement that there is a new quartet on the block with staying power and a "memorable" record!   

To purchase "Undivided," click here.

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